Note to Self: a battle strategy

(The following is a note one of the warriors wrote to himself.  Writing such notes is a technique we teach our warriors to use to help win their battles.) Dear Tyler You are reading this because you are in the heat of battle. Satan is tempting you with 1 minute of lust for weeks of misery. Think, this doesn't bring you happiness, even while you are losing you don't feel happy, it always lets you down. It is the expectation that makes you feel that way. It isn't real, it's fake! Now focus. Think 20 minutes ahead, a day ahead, a week ahea. It sucks, you feel sick all the time. You lament having to go see the Bishop. You can't connect with God. You feel scared of praying. You can't even connect with your friends. Think about your life. How good it has been going. Not in the last hour because obviously you are "stoned" and not thinking right. Your life is great. You have great friends. You get to ski all the time. Your dad gives you everything. Your mom does everything for you. School isn't hard. Girls give you attention. Your life is good. it may not be perfect, but I can promise you one thing. Your life will suck if you do lose. Be a man. Prove that you can go 1 more day without _________. Satan is messing with you. Satan is messing with you. Shut him up and win. Beat the crap out of him for your Mom, for your Dad, for your friends, for girls, for your Bishop, for your mission, for your wife, for yourself! MOVE! DO SOMETHING! DON'T SIT, MOVE NOW!! I fight for my life, wife, and children to come. Therefore I exert myself and like a mighty dragon do I fight. For I am Tyler, heir to the throne of my Father. And with God as my witness, I will conquer my enemy with a power so great the very demons of Hell will be consumed by fire. I will not rest until the Devil himself cries out in anguish and begs for mercy. Then he will know of my presence.  And then will I return to my Father with a royal warrior's welcome. Fear me Satan, I am coming to destroy your kingdom.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.