Orientation for Parents of new Clients

Life Changing Services 

Welcome to Life Changing Services.  We appreciate your trust in us and the opportunity to help.  We work hard to support and teach each individual in treatment and their family as well.

There are many uncomfortable emotions experienced when a loved one requires treatment.   It is important to us that you are aware of our sincere desire to help you as you experience these very common and normal feelings.  We are confident that you will feel more informed, less isolated, and be on a quicker road to hope and recovery as you take advantage of the following suggestions:

Don’t hesitate to contact your loved one’s clinician whenever you have questions or concerns.  They can give specific guidance and offer suggestions for you and your family.  Your interaction and insight into your child’s progress can be extremely valuable in tailoring their treatment.

Review the “Participant’s Handbook” which your child received at intake.  There is a section at the back of that book that talks to parents giving them helpful ideas and tools to lend support.

Read the Book: “Like Dragons Did They Fight”, by Maurice W. Harker LPC  to learn the principles that lead to success.  Your loved one will be taught to live these principles.  It will be very helpful to the individual in treatment for you to know these principles as you support them.  In particular, please make sure you review the “Parents Appendix” at the back of the book.

Check out Maurice Harker’s blog; “Memoirs of an LDS Therapist”, at www.mwHarkerTherapist.blogspot.com.  There are new posts on a regular basis that will strengthen you and teach you a lot about your loved one and their challenges.  You will also receive insight on how you can be successful in your support role.  This is a valuable resource not only for the insight you gain, but you can post specific inquiries and Mr. Harker will respond to you.

Attend the Parents Meetings held the third Tuesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the Farmington Public Works Building (720 W 100 N, Farmington, UT.)  This meeting is mainly for parents who have sons in the “Sons of Helaman” program, but all are welcome.  Maurice directs each meeting.  Come be with others who can relate to your situation and get support and encouragement.  You will gain insight from parents who have boys in various stages of the program, meet and be taught by the amazing young men who have graduated from the program, and learn from Mr. Harker.  All meetings are conducted in Maurice’s open and entertaining style – questions and concerns are welcome.

Attend a Parents Prevention Class held the first Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Farmington Public Works Bldg. (720 W 100 N, Farmington, UT.)  This class will address the fear parent’s face when they find out that Satan is really attacking their family and what to do about it.  Several concerns for parents are addressed:  How to talk to your kids, prevention, what to do when you don’t know what to do, how to keep yourself in a peaceful yet determined mindset and what to expect as you support your loved one.

Sign up for an “Eternal Warriors for Parents” class.  This eight week class allows you to apply the same principles and tools that your loved one is learning and striving to apply.  You will learn the language that is used in their groups and the tools they are using to fight their battles.  This class improves your communication and “relate-ability” with your loved one and will help you understand the determination and courage your loved one will exhibit as they fight – and win.  What better way to support your loved one than by using the same “battle language” that builds “warrior chemistry” – building skills to protect over a lifetime.

Sign up for the Mentor Training course.  In this four hour course you will get an intense and passionate overview of the scientific side of addiction and the principles Maurice and all our clinicians use as they treat individuals.  If you want further training, you can also attend an eight week class that goes more in-depth into how to become a mentor.  After this course your personal mentoring skills will be improved and you will be certified to better guide those you love and care about or even start a class in your community.

Get involved in the Mothers of the Sons of Helaman group.  This is an online group of women who have loved ones in the program, present or past, who are passionate about the fight against pornography.

Become an Outreach Worker.  Get involved in the push to reach more individuals and their families who suffer from the pain and bondage that addiction brings.  You can do this by joining one of our many committees who help promote and direct the focus of our programs.

Donate – help us better help others by donating financially to the program.

Our hope is that you will get involved in your loved one’s healing process because it can help you heal too. We wish you all the best as you embark in the process of supporting your loved one and maintaining strength for yourself and your family.
We look forward to serving you and will do all we can to help you.

Important contact information:

Contact us at:   sofhoutreach@gmail.com  
Karen Schulte – Billing   801-641-2252   kschulte@utah.gov
Carol Watts – Scheduling   801-558-5952   wattsville11@gmail.com
Karen Broadhead – Parent Support Specialist   801-876-3527   karenlb3@gmail.com
Cody Hawes – Sons of Mosiah Assistant – 801-721-0144  sofhoutreach@gmail.com
Brett Livitre – Men of Moroni Assistant – 801-347-2160 menofmoroni@gmail.com
Jennifer Johnson – Daughters of Light  – 801-5106997  jenjohnson220@gmail.com

Clinician’s Contact Information:

Maurice Harker  801-653-6474  requestfortharapy@gmail.com

Chris Beynon   413-531-6252   beynonct@ldschurch.org

St. George
Ryan Christainsen    435-773-2063   achievecontrol@gmail.com

Jeff Gregson   801-529-2334   j.gregson@juno.com

Farmington, Centerville and Young Single Adult
Cody Hawes   801-721-0144   brohawes@gmail.com

Farmington and Provo
Dave Jensen   801-916-0701   davewjensen1@comcast.net

West Jordan
Jade Mangus   801-808-6516    jade@jademangus.com

San Jose, California
Geoff Nugent   408-903-6425   geoffnugent.lmft@gmail.com

Brandon Thalman   435-792-6455   Brandonthalman@yahoo.com

Marcos Uboldi   801-458-9715   marcosuboldi@yahoo.com

Brett Walker   801-915-3258   brwalker1@hotmail.com

Addiction Prevention Class “Eternal Warriors” – This is an eight week course that focuses on addiction prevention.  We offer youth and adult classes.  Students learn about Satan’s desire and strategies to put them in the bonds of addiction.  Setting goals toward target behaviors and making firm commitments to daily spiritual rituals students gain the insight into what their values truly are. They become passionate about fighting with the determination of a warrior to maintain their personal value system by implementing the tools and knowledge they have learned for a life time.  The most powerful lessons learned in this class come as individuals establish a close personal relationship with the Savior.  True personal power and freedom from bondage come when they are determined to be a warrior for Jesus Christ. [$50 registration fee, $150 for class, includes person work book, DVD, and book; “Like Dragons Did They Fight”]

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.