Relationship Cycle

The Relationship Cycle
There are 4 stages of a healthy, evolving relationship.

Ideally, before a man and woman meet, both are excelling at the Independent/Terrestrial level of Development.  This moment in time is represented by the line at the bottom of the circle.

Stage 1: You meet:

When 2 people are at the peak of the individuation process, they are very attractive to each other. Each individual has worked hard to become strong and stable.  Each has used Divine resources (the gospel, atonement, etc.) to heal from past wounds.  Their finances are improving.  Their life goals are coming together.  They are contributing members of society.
Stage 1 is the Courtship Stage.

The healthy man will be edified by initiating the growth of the relationship.  He will he interact with her using all the adjectives in D&C 121:41-42, persuasion, long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned; kindness, without hypocrisy, and without guile.  He will be interested in learning all the new things there is to learn about this fascinating woman.
The healthy woman shows interest, but is cautious under the surface.  She is like a ballroom dancer who is can follow smoothly the man’s lead – as long as he is leading correctly/safely.  Her natural response is delightful and rewarding and encouraging for a man who is nurturing the relationship correctly in its early stages.  

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