I Know a (Young) Man Who Has Problem…How Do I Get Him To Get Help?

The Mid-Day on Monday Show

For Concerned Parents, Spouses and Church Leaders:
I Know a (Young) Man Who Has  Problem…
How Do I Get Him To Get Help?
Another Free Conference offered by

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Monday, 6 January 2014
12:00 noon
Conference Dial-in: 1-267-507-0240
Enter Conference Code: 541012

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Reference Material for those participating in this conference:

  • Send in your questions for this conference via a text to 8015585952 if you are not comfortable asking the questions directly within the conference call.  
  • We would like to know your first name and what city you are from as you participate.  Please text those to 8015585952.
  • Please have your phone on mute when you are not asking questions to decrease back ground sounds.
  • There are specific instructions to both Parents and Church leaders in the back of the Like Dragons Did They Fight book starting on page 110.
  • Receive free (for participants only) pdf copy of Like Dragons Did They Fight by emailing sofhoutreach@gmail.com.  Paperback also available at discount.
  • See article “Afraid to Tell” for the page to print to give to the scared loved one.

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Free Recording of Previous Mid-Day on Monday Conference
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Also, coming soon
25 January, 2014
Special 4 hour training

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