New Clinician! Children Specialist: Trina Leyba Stephens

New Clinician!
Children Specialist
Trina Leyba Stephens
Trina is someone who tries to take every opportunity to
enjoy life. Recently married and expecting her first child, Trina is taking
pleasure in each new adventure she finds. She’s an avid soccer fan, frequent
movie go-er, and a devoted family woman. A caring and compassionate person by
nature, Trina understands that life comes with unique challenges for all of us
and knows that sometimes no matter how hard we try we just need a little help.
She grew up with a quiet determination to be there for others when they needed
someone to walk by their side for a little while.
Trina was born in Colorado, the youngest of four children.
However, she spent most of her growing up years in Bountiful, Utah. She
graduated from Bountiful High School and went on to attend Brigham Young
University- Idaho. There she received her BS in Sociology with a minor in
Marriage and Family Studies. As part of her undergraduate work she completed an
internship with Madison County Juvenile Probation. She spent another year in
Idaho working as a Children’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation worker until she was
offered a Job for Primary Children’s Medical Center in their Residential
Treatment Program for Child Behavioral Health. She just reached her 7 year mark
at PCMC and loves the work she does there. Her work there allowed Trina to
recognize her passion for helping children. Trina completed her Masters Degree
in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Phoenix. As part of
her experience there she completed a yearlong internship with The Division of
Child and Family Services where she provided therapy services for adults,
families, and children. Trina now uses her experience, schooling, and passion
to help children who struggle with unresolved abuse and attachment issues,
behavioral dysregulation, boundary issues, and mood and anxiety disorders. 
I have known Trina for many years now and have looked forward to having her join our staff.  She is careful and competent.  She is pleasant and nurturing.  Your children will be in good hands with Trina.  She has a keen awareness of family dynamics.  She can train parents well.  Adults and marriages are in good hands with her as well.
For appointments or free consultation, call or text Trina at 801-598-0253.
Maurice Harker

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