Sons of Helaman: Eternal Warriors


Parents, Church Leaders, Young Warriors:
The urgency to provide effecting training for the war
against sexual addiction motivates us to send you this letter.
We hope this information will help with what
Elder Holland encouraged in the October 2013 General Conference, “seek the
advice of reputable people with certified training, professional skills and
good values.”
If you have any young men who are struggling with morality issues,
primarily pornography addiction and its related issues,
we highly recommend you refer them to
the Sons of Helaman program.
Sons of Helaman is a therapeutic training system
specifically designed for LDS young men.  It has become the most
and most effected treatment program in Davis County, Utah
and its neighboring areas for almost 10 years now.
Families and church leaders like using Sons of Helaman because it is more
than the 12 steps support program and it is less expensive
than individual therapy.  They feel secure knowing that
not only is the program scientifically sound, it is also spiritually sound.
Led by LDS professional clinicians,
the young men are taught to use both temporal and
spiritual weapons to win this war!
Teaching tools are drawn primarily from the Book of Mormon and
Latter-Day prophets.

Brief introduction video:


The flagship program, Sons of Helaman, is an in-person therapeutic group
led by Master’s Degree Level Clinicians.  Because there are many
geographical regions currently requesting this service,
in addition to the in-person training sessions,
they are now available through a private/confidential webinar format,
also lead by Masters Degree Level Clinicians.
Many valiant warriors use this long distance training
until we can get an in-person group in their area.
(See “Meeting Schedule” tab at
for where and when the different groups are available.)
The need for in-person meetings is growing fast,
so if you know of any quality clinicians in your area,
please encourage them to contact us.
Demand has been so high for the Sons of Helaman program,
three other branches have been created.
One group is called Men of Moroni.
This is for adult and married men who are fighting the same addiction.
The need for similar training for young women (16-24) has also grown significantly.
Sisters of Promise has been created for them.
And Eternal Warriors, which is a prevention program that focuses on general self-mastery.
Many proactive and motivated people are being trained by Eternal Warriors
just to fine tune their personal development!
The core principles of all these programs are outlined in
the book, Like Dragons Did They Fight.
Copies are available in paperback and eBook format.
For the sake of the young men in your area,
please investigate the information provided in the links.
Details on everything in this letter can be found on web site
and/or call 877-HERO-877
and/or email an introduction to the philosophies behind these programs and meet the originator/director, Maurice Harker, watch the following video:

The complete, 4-hour video is available for $25.  Just request by emailing

By the way, we do free firesides and 5th Sunday presentations.  For an example of what we do, click HERE.

We hope this training system will become a valuable resource for your people.
Your servant,
Maurice  Harker


About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.