To the Mothers

the mothers of the final generation, 
will not stand by 
idly watching, while the souls of our sons 
become drowned by the addiction 
unleashed on them by the demons behind 
this flood of inappropriate media!”

Self-Mastery Training System

Special 4 hour Self-Mastery Seminar
 available in-person or via webinar
Learn all the basic principles used by
Sons of Helaman and Eternal Warriors.
25 April, 2015
For Details, [CLICK HERE]

To the Mothers,

We have had an increasing number of mothers contact us,
urgently requesting that we get our Sons
of Helaman
training systems
set up in their community, for their own sons and for the sons of the other mothers nearby.  These women, like you, are very proactive and
are not willing to sit and wait while their sons slip through their fingers into the mist of darkness.  We try to reach out as fast as we can here at Sons of Helaman head quarters, but
sometimes the demand is hard to keep up with. 
If you would like Sons of Helaman set up in your neighborhood, here is how you can help…

1.     Get a feel for what we do:    Watch this brief video 

-on the 3rd Thursday of every month, you can meet some of the graduates of the Sons of Helaman program in real time at our Generals Panel Webinar.  It is free from 7-8:30pm MT.  Email for the next date, time and log-in information.  This is an amazing meeting where you can see first hand the effects of Sons of Helaman training on young men.
– if you feel spiritual validation of the quality of our work, share with others, especially other mothers and church leaders. Don’t forget those who aren’t social media users :).

2.       Get to know our methods.  Learn how so many young men are becoming temple worthy through our training.  Learn the best things a parent can do to help their son(s) win this war.  Read Like Dragons Did They Fight.  

25% off for mothers if you call 877-HERO-877 and let us know you would like the “Mother’s Discount” :).  Share copies with as many people as you can.  It is available in paperback, eBook form and abridged audio.  Share [LINK] with Bishops, Stakes Presidents, and other concerned Parents.

3.   Attend in-person, or via Webinar, the next Breaking the Chains of Bondage seminar.  This is a 4 hour detailed training on the spiritual/scientific principles used in Sons of Helaman and its fellow programs.  Next seminar will be 25 April, 2015 from 8:00am to noon. Call 877-HERO-877 or email if you have questions or for registration.

  If you are urgent in your need for this seminar, 

4.   Sit in on our free Mother’s webinar class every Tuesday morning at 10:30am.  Get to know the other Mothers of the Sons of Helaman.  Karen Broadhead, a fellow mother, skillfully leads this class.  Just click this link to join the meeting:  You need not participate. Just listen to other power moms fighting for the souls of their sons! 
-Karen is open to direct calls 801-499-6819.  You can also email
-Also, Karen and her team of powerful moms are willing to meet with your moms in Relief Society meetings or Cottage meetings (with dads too) to teach you how to respond to discovering your youth has been pulled into this war.  A local Stake President recently reported that 100% of his young men as young as 12 have been exposed to pornography at least once.  It is just a matter of time, sadly, before you will need to be trained how to respond.   Meet of the power moms:


5.   Get your loved one started in training right
away.  If you don’t know what to say to your young warrior, [CLICK HERE]. If you live near one of the existing groups, and if you live too far away, you will want to use the on-line Webinar Group. Call 877-HERO-877 and talk with our staff about your needs.

6.   If you have a loved one and you are just not sure yet, ask for a brief Free Consultation with the clinician/trainer nearest you.  Call 877-HERO-877 for his name and number.

7.   Get copies of the “Introduction
to Sons of Helaman
” letter.  Share
these with as many Bishops, Stake Presidents, and other concerned Parents as
you can.
  Just say, “I think the families in our area could really use this program.”  This can be done in-person, via
old fashion mail, or modern email.  Also,
here is a link to that letter on-line

8.  Contact your local LDS Family Services and ask
to talk to the Clinical Director (we have this information if you need
it).  All LDSFS agencies are encouraged
by headquarters to find and use quality community resources.  Sons of Helaman is well liked and respected
in the areas where it is already set up. 
Call our office 877-HERO-877 for a list of Leaders and Parents who have
found value in our work.

9.  If you know of any quality, male, strong LDS
therapists, let us know and give us their contact information.  We will need a good one who is willing to be
trained who already lives in your area. 
Email his contact information to

10.  Invite the church leaders and parents in your
area to contact us.
  The more requests we
have in an area, the more efforts we put into getting set up in that area.  When sharing, just say, “I think a lot of families in this area could use this program.”

11.  Watch and listen to as many of our training recordings
as you can.  Just ask our office staff by calling 877-HERO-877
or go to

Join one of our Eternal Warriors classes.  This can be done in person or remotely.  It is a training based on Sons of Helaman
principles for those who are working on self-mastery in areas that do not
involve addiction.  Many parents take
this 8 week training to help them understand what it takes for their loved ones
to overcome addiction.  Many take the
training just for personal development.  Click
the link or call 877-HERO-877.

13.  If you are aware of an adult male with these same issues, look into Men of Moroni, our warrior training for adult men.  Now available on-line in webinar format!

I hope this information helps.  Make sure you are on the email list with our
office ( so
we can keep you informed of the progress toward getting a Sons of Helaman
training group in your area.  We are here
to serve.  Call us any time.  877-HERO-877
Maurice Harker, Director

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.