Special Fireside in Evans, Georgia

Special Firesides 
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18 April, 2015, Augusta, GA Stake Center

19 April, 2015, Greenville, South Carolina

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Mothers, Fathers,
Young Warriors!

We have entered a day and age when Satan
is attacking our loved ones in
ways we could not comprehend years ago.
As your leaders, we want you to be prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed.
We have invited the leaders of the 
LDS principles based Self-Mastery Training Program
Sons of Helaman: Eternal Warriors
to present:
“Like Dragons Did They Fight”

This presentation is designed to
To provide us with vital information about
How to Win this War for our Spirits.
Everyone in the area is invited.
Please join us with your youth age 12+.
Full Fireside (for ages 12+) @ 7:00 p.m.
Leadership Meeting @ 5:30 p.m.
Open to ALL  Adult Leaders in the area.
Augusta, Georgia Stake Center
835 North Belair Road,
For more Information please contact Renee Fry.
Phone: 706-284-8171
(If you would like a similar fireside in your area
call 877-HERO-877, and we will help you set one up.)
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The following diagram will be used during presentation:
The Satanic Spin

Call 877-HERO-877 for more information.
Or go to www.SonsofHelaman.org
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To learn more about what will be taught at this fireside:
by Maurice W. Harker

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.