Meet my friend: Cody Hawes

Meet my friend:
Cody Hawes

I want you to meet my good friend, Cody Hawes.  I met him 2 years ago, and he has been a blessing in my life ever since.  When you meet him, his pleasant, comfortable and playful personality comes out first, so it can be a surprise when you experience the brilliant and intensely dedicated clinician under the surface.  Rarely have I ever experienced a more dedicated man.  His dedication is to his clients, to the accuracy of his counseling and to his family (not necessarily in that order).  He is unstoppable in his determination to do good and to be good.
If you live anywhere near Farmington, Utah, (or remotely, because he is skilled with Skype type sessions), I strongly recommend Cody as a counselor and therapist.  He is skilled with young children, teenagers and adults.  He is skilled with marital therapy.  He is skilled with depression, anxiety, addictions, etc.  He is one of our best clinicians with the Sons of Helaman program, running 5 groups every week.
If you or a loved one is in emotional pain, I encourage you to meet with him at least once to experience his amazing gifts!      Cody can be reached at (801) 721-0144 or
Here is a little more about him.
Cody Hawes was born and raised in Hermiston, Oregon where his passions were sports (especially football), singing and activities with family, friends and the LDS church. He worked on the local farms until his graduation from High School and enrolled at Rick’s College in 1999. He went there for a year and was called to serve a mission in McAllen, Texas where he learned the Spanish language and increased his eagerness to serve people around him. After serving his mission, he went back to school at the transitioned BYU-Idaho where he received a bachelors degree in Sociology and a minor in Spanish. He was actually named the “Man of The Year” for the BYU-Idaho college of Religion and Social Sciences. BYU-Idaho is where he met his beautiful wife Kristin while they were EFY counselors. They were married in the Bountiful Temple for time and all eternity. They have been married 7 years.
After a few years of living in Layton where Kristin worked as a Special Education teacher and Cody as a youth sex offender counselor they decided to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work at Eastern Washington University. In their time in Cheney, WA they welcomed Elijah Tucker (4) and Sadie May (2) into the world. There, he became a mental health/sex offender therapist and worked for the departments of correction in Washington and Oregon.
Cody can be reached at (801) 721-0144 or

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