After years of development and fine-tuning, 
the leaders of the Sons of Helaman program now offer:

Eternal Warriors is a self-mastery training course for those who would like to fine tune
-their behavior
-their internal conversations
-their thoughts
-their feelings.

In all 4 categories, most of us have a list of things we want to increase (i.e. practice musical instrument, plan useful projects, think better of ourselves, feel more enthusiastic), and a list of things we want to decrease (i.e. anger/frustration behaviors around loved ones, negative self-talk, ideas to do something inappropriate, depression or anxiety).   

Using the unique combination of cutting edge science with eternal principles which has been life changing for so many who have been through the Sons of Helaman program, adult women, men and youth can be educated and empowered with the self-mastery they have desired no matter where they live.  If you are not familiar with the powerful concepts taught in the Sons of Helaman program, read “Like Dragons Did They Fight” in paperback or eBook.  (Order HERE)

Eternal Warriors classes are available using the modern technology of webinar.  Our amazing Mentors are making classes available at various times and days (See: Class Schedule).  The course includes 8 sessions where you will meet with your class and mentor for 2 hours once each week.

Many parents and church leaders are wanting to learn how to teach these principles to the youth over whom they have stewardship.  We have a special training for these situations called our “Mentor Training”.  In this 10 week training, you will learn the same principles combined with the training needed to be able to teach others.  Look for the Level 1 Mentor classes in the Class Schedule.

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.