The Next Step

The Next Step

Now that you and your people have learned (attended
a seminar
, watched a video, read
the book
) more about the methods Satan is using to try to wipe out the
Noble and Great Ones of This Final Generation, we want to help empower you to
train your youth (and adults as needed) to win this war against unwanted
patterns of misbehavior.  We understand
that you want to do as much as you can for your people.  Here are some ideas.
In your previous trainings, you learned about the 4 Levels of
-Almost Nevers
-Former Addicts
You are going to want to do as much as you can for your people
before they become Addicts.  As you have learned, once they have become
Addicts (see clarifying definition below**), they will need professional
help.  So, for those who you are hoping to help avoid becoming Addicts,
for those who want to fine tune their self-mastery, we recommend the following:
Provide Training
Classes for your people
.  Teaching about self-mastery is
insufficient.  Your people will need to be trained.  You are welcome
to create and provide your own training, but we hope to have saved you time and
work by creating a gospel principle centered/scientifically sound training
called, “Eternal Warriors”.  EW classes are for both men and
women, boys and girls.  No excessively personal/sensitive issues are
addressed openly in Eternal Warriors training classes.  We have learned
how to teach self-mastery in such a way that it significantly decreases the
likelihood of someone making unfortunate choices when temptation of a serious
nature presents itself.
Choose one or more of
your motivated people to learn how to teach these classes
.  A
professional therapist is not required.  We call those who are certified
to teach Eternal Warriors training classes, Eternal Warriors Mentors. 
Both men and women are invited.  We are prepared, no matter how far away
you are, to teach your select people how to become Mentors.  Just have
them contact our office 8774376877 and
ask to be trained to become an Eternal Warriors Mentor.  It takes about 10
weeks to train someone to become a Mentor.  There is a nominal cost for
this training, but most people find it to be irrelevant after training is
-In the meantime, you
need not wait until you have an Eternal Warrior Mentor in your area

Youth and adults can be trained remotely, through our already existing webinar classes.  We have many Mentors who are already prepared to train your
people.  While in-person classes are always more powerful, many have been
greatly benefited by the remote Eternal Warriors classes.  There is a small
cost for the Eternal Warriors Kit (book, journal, recorded trainings) for all
Eternal Warrior students, whether taught by your Mentors or ours.  And if
your student joins a webinar class taught by an Eternal Warriors Mentor from
our headquarters, there is usually a class registration fee as well.  When
you have classes set up in your own area, you can decide with your local
Mentor(s) whether or not to have students pay class registration fees*. 
For more details, go to
Invite your people to
be trained
.  Attached is a template for a hand-out/email you can
send out to your people inviting them to take the Eternal Warriors class. 
Just fill in the blanks for who is going to teach the class, where, and
when.  Eternal Warriors classes run for about 2 hours one day each week
for 8 weeks.  Many, we have found, want to take the class over and over
again.  Also, many of those who complete the class want to go on to become
Eternal Warriors Mentors, so they can help others fine joy in newly acquired
self-mastery.  After filling in the blanks, make copies and hand out to
all you hope will take the class.  It is a good idea to email out an
electronic copy as well. Download Handout
If you, sadly,
discover that an individual you are working with meets the criteria of an
you will want to recommend them to the best treatment for this
medical condition you can find.  We invite you to explore all available
resources, be we are confident that our programs are the least expensive and
the most powerful you will find.  Also, they are the most open and direct
with respect to involving gospel principles.  The 12 Steps ARP program, as you have learned, is a
support group.  If the individual you are working with is improving
sufficiently with the support provided by the 12 Steps ARP program, then we invite you to
continue with it.  But if you find that you need something more intensive,
run by professionally trained specialists, we hope to serve you in a very cost
efficient manner.  We have services for adults and youth, male and
female.  Go to and call 8774376877 to discuss what is best for your loved
-It is our preference to hold our therapeutic groups in your
area.  We will need trusted LDS
clinicians who are willing to learn how to run this groups correctly.  Please contact us with any
recommendations you might have.
-If you have individuals who can be classified as “Former Addicts”, we
have found them to be some of the best Mentors.  Their “been there,
done that” approach can be very powerful.  It, as you have learned,
is one of the best ways to help them avoid “relapse” if they are
anxiously engaged in helping others.
Check with your
people from time to time
.  About every 3-6 months, we recommend
you give your people a chance to reach out for help again.  It can be very
challenging to get those who are scared to ask reach out for help.  We
have spent many years trying to find tune methods that will actually
work.  Our most effective method right now involves a simple, confidential
survey for your people.  See attached instructions and survey.  Like
cancer checks, the sooner you can catch a problem, the more likely you are to
be able to intervene before it becomes destructive.  This is why we
recommend you check in with your people about every 3-6 months.  Download Survey
Don’t forget the
mothers and the (ex)wives
.  It is very painful to care about your
family members and at the same time feel powerless in your ability to help or
survive.   Sadly, these women are often neglected because the focus
is on the individual who is struggling with unwanted patterns of
misbehavior.  Be careful not to minimize their pain.  Meet with them
regularly.  Ask them how they are doing.  If you feel like you and
the resources you have are sufficient, be there for them.  If you start to
feel in over your head, we have several free resources for mothers and wives.
MothersWho Know is a team of mothers who have “been there, done
that”.  They meet each week in a free webinar and discuss effective
ways to be involved in the lives of their youth.  They also comfort each
other when they have done all they can do and it is still insufficient.
The WORTHgroup (Women of Rebirth – Therapeutic Healing) is for
women who are in or have been in relationships with men who have sexual
addictions.  It is a free group lead by a fully licensed female mental
health specialist.  Using scientifically accurate interventions rooted in
gospel principles these women learn to respond with power and dignity to their
situation, whether the man successfully works through his issues or not.
*Eternal Warrior Class registration fees are
separate from the cost of the EW Kit.  Registration fees help pay the
Mentor for their professional skills and time.  You will find the fee to
be minimal when compared to the value you will gain from the course.
**Characteristics of Someone with an Addiction
-make promises, but can’t keep them (especially to themselves)
-they become reluctant to making commitments, because start to lose confidence
that they can keep the commitment (this includes things like going on a mission
or getting a temple recommend)
-have a pattern of misrepresenting the truth (can be just as much withholding
information as lying)
-the primary woman in their lives feels like “something is wrong”
-their sense of stewardships starts to crumble – they neglect things 
-the are increasingly irritable when confronted about small and simple things
-they feel “elusive” to people around them
-they become increasingly flippant about things that matter: school, religion,
goals, relationships
(Be careful…these characteristics can also be elements of other mental health
or medical issues, so do not automatically assume they have an addiction. 
If many things on this list become unignorably, please get the person to a
trusted professional ASAP for accurate diagnosis.)

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.