The Elite Missionary Training Course (eMTC)


Elite Missionary Training Course (eMTC)

eMTC is held online every Tuesday at 6:30am MT. Please use the following link to join in!

At this time, there is no cost for this training. For more details, email, call 877-HERO-877.

“It was a dream of mine, 25 years ago, right after I returned home from serving a mission in Detroit, Michigan, to become a teacher at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah. I guess one of my primary motivators was that I had worked really, really hard to become a good missionary, to become good at teaching with the Spirit, but we had so few opportunities to do so in that mission. I believe this unfulfilled dream had a lot to do with why I chose to become a therapist, one who seeks to use the Spirit in all of my work. Once I tasted what it was like to teach in such a way, where I could watch the eyes of an investigator light up with the Light of Christ, I couldn’t get enough. For all these years since then, I have worked hard to fine-tune the process of training youth to teach by the Spirit.  Now, after intense preparation, things have come together, and we are ready to offer elite training for your pre-missionaries!”

Maurice Harker, director of Life Changing Services.

We have found ourselves in a time when the efforts of God and the efforts of Satan are coming into full clash! It was a powerful announcement made by President Monson back in October of 2012 that young men could be leaving on missions at age 18, right after high school. Young women could leave at age 19. As we all know, the number of missionaries shot up quickly. It was an excellent chess move by our Divine Leader to jump ahead of Satan and give him less time to draw our youth away. Unfortunately, during this same time, the efforts of the Dark Side have increased in intensity. Opportunities for misconduct have become more and more readily available. The general attitudes of the youth have become lackadaisical, where in some subcultures, being lazy is actually considered an envious personality characteristic.


But there are some youth who refuse to be average. There are some who still believe themselves to be the Noble and Great Ones of the Final Generation. These are they who believe they can still have a serious impact on the world! These are they who want to enter the mission field like unto those described in the Doctrine and Covenants. They humbly see themselves as, “the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised”, but they have hope and confidence that they need to prepare themselves “to thrash the nations by the power of my Spirit” (D&C 35:13).

We, the people of the Final Days, are those who go the extra mile! We are the people who invest extra in our youth and their futures. We spend a little extra on their athletic camps, dance workshops, youth conferences and education week in hopes that they will become the best of the best. Of course, if the opportunity became available, we are the people who will spend a little extra to help our young men and young women become extraordinary missionaries.

With this in mind, the leaders of Life Changing Services (home of the Sons of Helaman program) is now offering the
Elite Missionary Training Course!



Pre and post-missionaries, both young men and young women, from all over the country meet in teams of 10-20 in webinar classrooms. Classes are lead by Certified Mentors who have been trained by the Director of Life Changing Services and the originator of the Sons of Helaman program, Maurice W. Harker, CMHC. The teams meet for an hour each week in a spiritual boot camp type atmosphere. The expectations are really high. Only those who are serious about becoming well training in self-mastery and teaching with the Spirit need apply.  Within the class the trainees will be taught hard work ethic, intense accountability and how to recognize and teach by the power of the Spirit.

Graduation is success-based instead of time-based.
-Each participant will be accountable to the team in achieving 28 consecutive days of:
1 – Memorizing a scripture every day.
2 – Completing a missionary action every day.
3 – Living an almost-missionary lifestyle.
–No staying up too late.
–No sleeping in too much.
–No excessive screen time.
–No anger issues (being unedifying with loved ones)
–No morality/chastity issues (specifics not discussed)
–No laziness.
4 – Daily Prayer
5 – Daily Writing Exercises
6 – Daily reading of the words of the prophets (15min minimum)

It takes a little time to achieve this level of self-mastery. If the trainee misses one of the 6 items on this list on any day, they go back to zero and begin again. As said before, expectations are high. But we have full confidence in the amazing capacity of this generation!

At this time, there is no cost for this training.

For more details, email, call 877-HERO-877.



About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.