Services for Adult Men

Services for Adult Men


Do you have Sons of Helaman training for adult men!? Yes!…..

Do you know a man who is struggling to gain full mastery over pornography use (and other related behaviors)? Have you had a hard time finding training that combines effective scientific interventions with Eternal Principles found in LDS doctrine?

Men of Moroni is a team based training program based on the same principles and methods of the well known and highly successful Sons of Helaman program (for young men) Each training session (in-person or on-line) is lead by a Certified Men of Moroni Mentor ( Because the classes are lead by mentors instead of therapists, we are able to keep the cost down ton $25 for each 2 hour session. This is the most powerful, least expensive option. It has served hundreds of men throughout the country find success and power as never before (see testimonials).

Recently, some of the men have asked for even more intensity for their training. Some of our Sons of Helaman Clinicians are now offerring “Men of Moroni – Clinical Level”. This program runs identical to the Sons of Helaman protocol, and because it is lead by a carefully trained clinician, sessions are $45 for each 2 hour session. It is a little more expensive, but if you want clinical level training, it is well worth the investment.

Man Trainer Coach

If you are just not the “group” kind of guy, or you have very little time, you will want to look into Personal Warrior Training (PWT). Some of our Men of Moroni Mentors offer one-on-one training in addition to or instead of Men of Moroni classes. This is very effective for those who want individualized training and personalized accountability, very much like a personal training at a gym. Cost is pro-rated at $50/hr. Most sessions (in-person or on-line via webinar) are either ½ hr ($25) or ¼ hr ($12.50). PWT is more flexible and more direct, but per hour it is more expensive.…/personal-warrior-tra…/

Happy Couple

And don’t forget the Men’s Marriage Repair Webinar Workshop each week. Men of Moroni trainings will help you gain mastery over the behaviors and mentality that have brought great pain to your marriage, but the trainings do not focus on marriage repair and the needs of your wife. Maurice Harker, director and originator of both the Sons of Helaman program and the Men of Moroni program is also a specialist with marriage repair. As you might guess, his schedule fills up fast with men who are highly motivated to repair their marriages. In an effort to be more available to more men (for significantly less money), he now offers this weekly workshop for only $20 per 1 hour session (…/on-going-marriage-re…/).

If you have questions about any of the above services, or you would like to enroll, call 877 HERO 877 or email

About Maurice W. Harker, LPC

Director of Life Changing Services, Director of Sons of Helaman, Facilitator of the WORTH group, Consultant for the Daughters of Light program.