The P.I.E.S.S. of Self-Care

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What is self care? Self care includes areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social. The best self care is to live life in a way that doesn’t leave you depleted.

Why the Younger Generation is Failing and What to do About it?

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Before you reject this article, you need to know I am one of you, this Younger Generation.  My name is Daniel White.   I am 17 years old.  I want to serve you.  I want to share things with you that will make your life more energy efficient. I have a history of working through adversity.  When […]

Marriage Success Is Dependent on Being Willing To Do the Work

Marriage Success Is Dependent on Being Willing To Do the Work

The Lazarus Lectures series was a game changer for us.  My husband and I have struggled for most of our 23-year marriage.  We have been through years of counseling, therapy, books, and tried just about everything you could think of.  This was literally a fingers-crossed, “we don’t think anything can really help us but we […]

Our Marriage Needed A Miracle

Marriage Repair Workshop

I didn’t quite know what to expect when we started the Lazarus Lectures, but I am ecstatic to say that the results I was hoping for in our marriage are coming to fruition! When we began I don’t know that I would have said that our marriage needed to be “raised from the dead,” but […]

“My Marriage Was Not What I Thought it Was”

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Some of you who are reading this may have been guided here for more education. “I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay, But That’s Okay” does just that. This FREE ebook goes beyond the modern science of relationship psychology to show you how eternal principles and divine power can be harnessed to heal your relationship. The principles from this book […]

The Story of My Deliverance From the Shackles of Satan

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My name is Francesco and I am now 35. I grew up in Italy in a small town, where the church was organized in a small branch (30-40 people in sacrament meeting). Now i’m living in austria with my wife and 2 kids.

I started watching Porn when I was 11.

4 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated During Down Times

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One of the hardest things to do is to stay motivated during down times or in the off season.  I know because it is one of my biggest challenges. So, here are 4 simple ways to keep your fire burning: Take a break from whatever sport you compete in.  “Absence makes the heart grow stronger.” […]

Man Power – Help Abstaining From Pornography

Man Power Calendar

The importance of tracking progress, success and even failure. I was recently working with a young man who is trying to abstain from his pornography addiction as well as accomplish several other goals that will help him improve as a person.  During our discussion, I asked if he marked his calendar everyday.  He said no, and […]

Teaching Children about Healthy Intimacy

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Parents play an integral part in establishing healthy attachment and developing balanced intimacy for children. Here are three guidelines to help teach children. Parents play an integral part in establishing healthy attachment and developing balanced intimacy for our children. According to Walker, Busby, Lovett and Carol, Experts on human intimacy, balanced intimacy is comprised of […]

“Awake and Arise”


I have met and talked to many who have felt they have something important to do, but can’t quite figure out what it is, or how to go about doing it.

What Are You Really Saying To Your Child?

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Words are very important and what you say to your child does matter, but your body language actually carries more weight. In 1971 psychologist Albert Mehrabian published “Silent Messages, which included his pioneering research on nonverbal communication. When it comes to credibility, Mehrabian found that we assign 55% of the weight to body language, 38% […]

Don’t Bicker, Counsel

Don’t Bicker, Counsel

“You bring that up every time we talk about this. That’s stupid and we are not writing that down, I told you that already!” – A man who isn’t creating safety for his wife. My wife and I decided we wanted to sit down and write down our reason why we were moving forward with […]

The Worth of a Woman

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One topic of concern among the women I have talked to is not feeling their worth. Women often determine their worth by comparing themselves to retouched pictures in magazines, on billboards, television, and the perfect lives posted on Facebook and Instagram.  Comparing ourselves to fake and unrealistic lives will always cause us to feel less […]