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man feeling depressed with hands on head sitting down

Meaning and Situational Depression

In my clinical internship at the BYU-Idaho Counseling Center I had the unique opportunity to assist students struggling with a variety of different issues. Perhaps one of the number one epidemics facing undergraduate students is

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Man looking sad getting ready for the devil exposed masterclass

Devil Exposed Workshop

“The Devil Exposed” is a 12 week revolving workshop exposing the role the Subtle Serpent plays in your psychological experience of Temptation, Torment and relationship Turmoil.  

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core values: integrity, trust, honesty, quality, ethics

Value-Based Living

What does it mean to live a value-based lifestyle? How does that impact a person in their ability to function and become the person they want to be? How does it compare to living a shame-based lifestyle and having a shame-based recovery?

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compass pointing north

Celestial Orientation

Several years ago, I was pondering what it must be like for a woman, who thought she was in a good and stable marriage, to discover her husband has been participating in significant sexual misbehaviors

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image is pie with parts of self care listed

The P.I.E.S.S. of Self-Care

What is self care? Self care includes areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social. The best self care is to live life in a way that doesn’t leave you depleted.

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