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soldier praying

A Warrior’s Prayer

One of my favorite times during any day is the opportunity I have to communicate with Heavenly Father. While I still feel as though I am continuing to learn what it means to pray and

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group of teenage boys helping one who is depressed about something

The Younger Generation

“They’ll never make it in the world”, “they are too soft”, “they don’t need more love they need to be disciplined”, “they don’t know the value of true hard work”, etc. How often do we

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luxury car

Stop the Payments!

To preface this dilemma I will share a story. I was working on a case one time and this man was claiming that he was poor and could not afford to pay his alimony payments

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4 Steps of Inquiry, Man thinking

4 Steps of Inquiry

One of the most intriguing and well known forms of therapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. 4 questions we should all consider at times to better understand our own thoughts.

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man feeling depressed with hands on head sitting down

Meaning and Situational Depression

In my clinical internship at the BYU-Idaho Counseling Center I had the unique opportunity to assist students struggling with a variety of different issues. Perhaps one of the number one epidemics facing undergraduate students is

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Man looking sad getting ready for the devil exposed masterclass

Devil Exposed Workshop

“The Devil Exposed” is a 12 week revolving workshop exposing the role the Subtle Serpent plays in your psychological experience of Temptation, Torment and relationship Turmoil.  

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core values: integrity, trust, honesty, quality, ethics

Value-Based Living

What does it mean to live a value-based lifestyle? How does that impact a person in their ability to function and become the person they want to be? How does it compare to living a shame-based lifestyle and having a shame-based recovery?

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