Body Therapy

Body Therapy

Did you know our bodies are a great big flash drives!?! Our experiences are recorded in the tissues and cells of our bodies! Our mental and emotional experiences and our physical experiences are all stored in the various structures of our bodies.

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Healthy Vibrations practices Body Therapy based on the concept of “Tissue Memory.” Dr. John Upledger commented that “Tissue Memory” is a phenomenon meaning “the cells and tissues of the body may actually possess their own memory capabilities. These tissue memories are not necessarily reliant upon the brain for their existence.”

Wow! The concept that memory exists in individual tissue as well as the mind for some people is new. How can this be possible? At a seminar Dr. John Upledger was questioned about “Tissue Memory.” A physicist in the room explained, “we could store a symphony on something as simple as a piece of plastic tape and a total TV program, complete with color and sound, on something just a little more complex but still of simple plastic. Therefore, he continued, it seemed to make sense that something as complex as muscle tissue, a bone or a piece of liver, could store the memory of an accident or injury. Think about it.”

Yes, let’s think about it! Our bodies are incredible. Body Therapy is built on identifying the locations of memories and releasing the dysfunctional patterns from our bodies. I believe that resolved experiences are assimilated into our learning and create growth. It is not uncommon for our unresolved experiences to create mental, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Body Therapy helps to resolve dysfunction where the dysfunction is stored and decreases the need for the body to compensate around the disorder. Therefore therapy may reduce all kinds of stress and trauma for each individual.

How does Body Therapy support your counselling sessions with Maurice? During a counselling session, patterns are identified and resolved mentally and emotionally. Healthy Vibrations will support your therapy by helping to resolve the issues and patterns of dysfunction through the tissues of the body. Releasing unresolved stresses from the tissue assists in overcoming depression, anxiety, fear, pain, migraines, emotional trauma, and physical injury to name a few. Clients experience feelings such as deep relaxation, support, gratitude, peace and a sense of balance and well being following a session.

Sarah Williams LMT, NCBTMB, founder of Healthy Vibrations, has over 10 years of experience in a variety of techniques such as therapy, foot zoning and energy kinesiology. Among her defining training experiences was the opportunity to learn to use these therapies to heal from personal injuries following a rollover car accident in 2003. These body therapies have truly given her hope and allowed her body to repair from significant physical and emotional traumas by unlocking the memories stored in her body tissues. Sarah believes it to be a sacred privilege to help others find hope and healing by being a member of their support team.