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Graduation — Becoming Empresses   arrow

Upon successful completion of the Daughters of Light Program, participants earn the title of Empress.

An Empress has successfully achieved self-mastery and conquered her unwanted behavior for 12 consecutive weeks. She’s demonstrated consistency and competency in the Daughters of Light curriculum including the LGT goals and PWR process, and is equipped to continue to progress and serve others throughout the remainder of her life.

Her deep connection with God cultivated through daily prayer has led her to a deeper understanding of her own divinity: she knows she is beautiful, loved, cool even, and completely irreplaceable just by her very nature as a daughter of God. Armed with this knowledge she is aligned with God and understands her purpose.

Through wisdom gained in active participation and by conquering her misbehavior she has gained mastery over her thoughts and her body. She is ever aware of the adversary and his cunning ways, and is a knowledgeable user of the tools to defeat him. She understands her enemy, and has the skills and tools to overcome.

An empress is super confident: she’s not afraid to stand as a witness, to do what is right – let the consequence follow. She acts in love, kindness, and compassion towards others, but also knows when to say, “No!” and protect herself and her loved ones by standing firm in her resolve to do what is right. Her light inspires other women to be and do more, and become their better selves. She is a beacon to all around her and in the midst of storms remains unshaken, calm, and spiritually quiet.

How to Become an Empress

Consecutive, daily success for 12 weeks is required to graduate and earn the title Empress. Along the way individuals will earn a charm to celebrate her success and encourage further growth. If at any point a day is missed, the count returns to zero and she may no longer wear her charm until she reaches four, eight, and 12 weeks.

All setbacks are viewed as learning experiences. Through the positive peer support of the Daughters of Light sisterhood and guiding clinician, she will strengthen the identified weak spot and move forward stronger than before to regain her standing. It doesn’t matter how long the overall process takes, but rather a continued persistence towards the final goal. As weak spots are continually identified and overcome she will grow more confident in her skills, abilities, and her God until she is at last a super confident conquerer, an Empress.

4 Weeks: When a participant achieves four consecutive weeks of success, they earn a Daughters of Light charm necklace. This encourages the desire for further success.

8 Weeks: At eight weeks of consecutive success, the participant will receive an angel charm to signify that they are never alone in their battles.

12 Weeks: Having stayed the course, no matter the time it took nor the number of restarts, a Daughter of Light achieves graduation and the title of Empress upon successful completion of 12 full weeks of daily, consecutive success of her PoWeR process and LiGhT goals! To celebrate her success, she will be given the beautiful Daughters of Light charm to signify her abilities and accomplishment.

A Daughters of Light graduate may continue to participate in group if she so choses.  As she strengthens the sisterhood she continues to strengthen her own resolve in light and truth.   She may also be invited to participate on panels, speak in meetings, and join in other important opportunities which allow her to share her light