Eternal Warriors

Eternal Warriors: Helping teens and adults experience more joy, freedom & self-awareness through the power of SELF-MASTERY

Eternal Warriors helps individuals & Families

Eternal Warriors

“Do you have something in your life that you have always wanted to get started, but have not yet been able to get started?

Do you have something in your life that you have wanted to stop (i.e. anger, procrastination, impatience), but have not yet been able to do so?

Would it be your preference to experience training that is both scientifically accurate, and also openly and clearly applies Eternal Principles?

Have you tried enough to learn and implement these principles and concepts on your own without adequate success, and now you are ready for a skilled trainer to help?

As many people have discovered the power and value of the Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni programs, which focus primarily on sexual self-mastery, there has been a strong demand for those who desire self-mastery in many areas. They have a strong desire to have access to the same foundational principles and training. Because of this demand, we created…

Eternal Warriors

Eternal Warriors trainers will help you strengthen your identity and your purpose.  They will help you get your behavior more in line with your values system.  You will discover that you are not your own worst enemy as you are trained in the subtle psychological stratagems of Satan’s tactics.  You may work with a mentor individually or in a class.  You will discover a whole new level of confidence and emotional freedom as you skillfully learn how to apply Eternal Principles in a very practical way.

Eternal Warriors can help you no matter what you may be facing!

What you'll receive when you register

Eternal Warriors Program Includes...

12 Weekly Coaching Sessions with Your Mentor

Each week you and fellow group members will connect in an online group coaching meeting with your certified Eternal Warriors Mentor.

Online Resource Portal with support materials

Access videos and other helpful resources to get you started and to keep you supported throughout your program.

Program Materials: book, journal

You’ll receive the insightful book Like Dragons Did They Fight by Maurice Harker and the companion Power Journal.

Continual Email Support from Your Mentor

Questions or need additional support between coaching calls? Simply reach out to your mentor by email and they will respond.

Get started today in 3 easy steps

Eternal Warriors

Choose Mentor/Coach

Take a look at the Eternal Warrior class schedule below. Choose the coach/class that bests fit your personality and lifestyle.  (Mentor/Coach contact information is on their individual page.)


Registration cost is $50 and includes a starter kit and access to the online portal. Cost for individual classes and coaching is determined by each mentor/coach.

Watch for Emails

Look for emails to guide you on the next steps: emails with information to login to the online coaching portal as well as separate emails from your Eternal Warriors mentor with more specific instructions.

Current Eternal Warriors Classes

Many of our Eternal Warriors Mentors and Life Coaches offer individual coaching. Please visit our mentor and coaches page to to learn about each person, then contact him/her directly to find the best fit for you.

Eternal Warriors
Group Day Time Eternal Warriors Mentor/Life Coach
Foundations of Health
6:30 - 7:30am MT (8:30-9:30am EST)

8:00 - 9:00am MT (10:00-11:00am EST)
11:30am - 12:30pm
Individual Sessions between 8am and noon PT
Individual Sessions between 3pm & 7pm
3pm - 7pm MT
12pm - 1pm MT (2-3pm EST)
Women/Mothers "Mom Power Intensive"
12-1:30pm MT
Family Sessions between 4pm and 7pm PT
Foundations of Health (Betrayal Trauma Focused)
11am - 12pm (MT)
Women (Betrayal Trauma Focused)
12:00 pm - 1pm (MT)
Individual Sessions between 10am and noon PT
Family Sessions 8:00am (Pacific)

What people are saying about the program


Eternal Warriors
My kids and I are taking this class together and it is AMAZING! the results have been truly inspirational and LIFE CHANGING! I say this is seriously worth the time commitment!”
Eternal Warriors
Jennifer H.
Wife & Mother
“I could see a major difference in my life while I was taking the class. It gave me a bigger/greater desire to read my scriptures and say my prayers. I'm grateful for the opportunity to take this class!”
Eternal Warriors
Age 15
“I was very reluctant to take the Eternal Warriors classes. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much it helped me! I was able to really focus on the some areas of my life that needed improvement. My spirituality has increased dramatically and I'm more in-tune with the Spirit and aware of what's going on around me. I also noticed my family grow closer together as we became embedded in the principles.”
Eternal Warriors
Cole Ward
Father of 3
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Eternal Warriors Can Help YOU!

Eternal Warriors will remind you of your divine identity and purpose and give you some incredible knowledge and tools that will assist you to win your personal battles, defend yourself successfully from your enemy and fight with the ferocity and confidence you have always desired for those you love.


The Eternal Warriors program does not promise or guarantee relief from pain or that you will avoid the wounds that are caused in the battles you face. 

The Eternal Warriors Program does promise that when a warrior shows up with desire and intention and implements the principles and tools offered they will

  • Experience an increased insight into the battles they face
  • Be encouraged and supported by a trained mentor as they learn and implement powerful tools and principles
  • Increase their success in the personal battles they face
  • Know how to analyze lost battles for future victories
  • Be offered the knowledge to set up the kind of personal borders, strategies and protections needed to defend themselves
  • Live like the warrior they were meant to be

An Eternal Warrior is not a victim but a victor. With or without wounds and scars sustained in battle, they know what they are fighting for, why they fight, and why they will never give up.