Life Coaches


I would like to introduce you to LCS Life Coaches.  

Life coaches primarily focus on:

  • Clarifying and achieving personal and professional goals
  • Getting good at Self-care
  • Working to improve communication skills
  • Achieving a work/life balance
  • Advancing self-mastery

Life Coaches attend to the needs of clients in a more broad way than does a Personal Warrior Trainer, yet more narrow than a Mental Health Therapist.

Personal Warrior Trainers focus on:

  • The basics of self-mastery
  • The foundational mental workouts needed for addiction recovery
  • The 6 squares of MANPWR or GRLPWR or LGTPWR

Mental Health Therapist (CMHC, LMFT, MSW, etc):

  • Recover from past traumas
  • Explore why past relationships (business or personal) have been destructive and what to do about them
  • Work through depression or anxiety that affect your ability to function at home, in your personal life or work
  • Survive a divorce, loss of a loved one or any other significant life pain
  • Diagnosing and providing treatment plans for mental health conditions and addictions.
  • Etc.

Over the years, we have watched many team members demonstrate a significant mastery over the core principles taught at Life Changing Services.  In addition to these basics, they have acquired many more skills and capabilities.  While growing substantially in their ability to serve others, they have not yet become qualified to work as mental health therapists.  

  • LCS Life Coaches will be approved of by and supervised by one of the fully licensed LCS mental health counselors and the director, Maurice Harker (who may choose to supervise LC’s himself.
  • The supervising Clinician will be responsible for the quality of coaching provided by the Life Coach
  • Any breach of professionalism (as defined by Maurice Harker and/or the supervising Clinician), and the Life Coach will loose all certification to see clients under the LCS umbrella.
  • As with the Clinicians who contract with LCS, Life Coaches can choose the amount of their fees (law of supply and demand).   
  • 30% of the fees will go to LCS for marketing, client finders fees, supervision, etc

Please read through the list below of amazing Life Coaches.  Each decides how much to charge for one hour of their services.  Some of them have years of experience, others are new to being Life Coaches.  While they all have been carefully trained in Life Changing Services principles, they each have unique additional training.  

Once you have decided who you want to work with, complete the registration paperwork by going HERE.   Then return to this page and click the button under the name of Life Coach to make your appointment with them.

Tina Aiton

tinaaitonTina Aiton is the Executive Director of the Life Changing Service’s Eternal Warriors program.  In addition to being an Eternal Warriors Mentor, Tina is also a Professional Speaker and Results coach for individuals and businesses and has been trained and in programs with John Maxwell, Life Soulutions and Landmark Education. She is certified through Life Solutions, LLC as a Life Mastery Consultant.

Tina specializes in helping couples through relationship challenges and helping women to successfully navigate major life and relationship transitions to step into their God-given power and create a fulfilling and joyful life. She works with men to clarify their purpose and work through obstacles that are holding them back from living with joy in their role as a provider, protector and leader. She has created results working with youth to achieve greater self-mastery and confidence that ultimately prevents pitfalls and addiction.

Tina is also an expert business woman, and over the past twenty-four years, she has managed and owned businesses in the spa industry, the coaching and mentoring industry and the online industry.  She is currently co-owner of Ignited Living Group, LLC and co-owner of Ignited Ideas, the parent company of

In addition to her other experience and training, Tina has first-hand experience with the detrimental impact of addiction on individuals and families.  This experience has been a strong motivator for her to help others prevent and recover from addiction.  She is results focused and is committed to the transformation her client’s desire.

Tina has two children, Eric (14) and River (9), who she homeschools.  She is married to her husband, Reuben who is also a certified coach and Administrative Director of the Eternal Warriors program.  In her free time, Tina enjoys ballroom dancing with her husband, artistic creativity in her craft room and RVing around the US with her family.  Tina and her family live near Greenville, South Carolina.

If you would like to sign up for a complimentary one-on-one coaching session with Tina, click the link below to learn more about her and to schedule a session.

Rate:  $125 for 60 Minute Session

Reuben Aiton

tinaaitonReuben Aiton is the Administrative Director of the Eternal Warriors Program.  In addition to being an Eternal Warriors Mentor, Reuben is also a Professional Speaker and Results Coach for individuals and businesses and is Certified as a Life Mastery Coach through LifeSoulutions.  Reuben also posses a bachelors degree in chemical engineering and currently works full-time for General Electric as a worldwide Training Leader.

In addition to working in large businesses like ExxonMobil and GE for over 20 years, Reuben is co-owner of Ignited Living Group Results Coaching.  As an extension of Ignited Living Group, Reuben also co-created and is CEO of an inspirational messaging and viral sharing platform known as   

Reuben’s passion is teaching, mentoring others to heal and to live a life on purpose and writing inspirational literature.  Reuben is especially gifted in helping others to see possibilities that they hadn’t considered and help them find creative ways to organize their lives in a way that helps them realize those possibilities.  He is also an expert in organizational development and in implementing online businesses.  

Reuben is married to his wife Tina, who is also a life coach and Executive Director of the Eternal Warriors Program.  In his free time, Reuben loves to ballroom dance with Tina, play the piano, work on his 150 acre farm, ride his motorcycle and RV around the US with his family.  He has two children, Eric and River.  Reuben and his family live outside of Greenville, South Carolina.

If you would like to book a complimentary 30-minute discovery session with Reuben to assess your needs, click the following link to set up an appointment with him.  

Rate:  $125 for a 60 Minute Session

Karen Broadhead

karenbroadheadMy philosophy is strength and healing comes when an individual truly understands their personal worth to God and knows how to connect with Him. I believe nothing heals us more than feeling the love of God in our personal life.

This, for me, has released the shame and guilt I have had for my own challenges in life.  It helped me turn my own life “MESSES” into a “MESSAGE” of HOPE and HEALING.   I find I am continually re-qualified and sanctified in my own life journey as I have been able to accept the things I cannot change and work with Christ to change the things I can. I cheerfully do all things that lie within my power, as stated in D&C 123:17, and find this pattern, if practiced daily, does yield the promise of seeing the salvation of God in my life.

I would love to support you in your own journey and can do so from a place of understanding as I have been through my own experiences of trauma from betrayal and abuse, supporting children in addiction, recovery from divorce and successfully navigating a blended family. I have even learned to love the body I have been given and I use it to increase my personal power.

I am a certified Eternal Warrior Mentor and serve on the Executive Board.  I founded and facilitate the Mothers Who Know Program as well as the Parent Support programs at Life Changing Services (LCS).  In addition, I created and taught the Parent Training courses for parents who have a child in recovery. Through these programs, I have been able to support hundreds of women on their own journey to healing over the past 7 years.   I recently authored the Parent Section of the “Like Dragons Did They Fight”- a book by Maurice Harker, the founder of LCS.

My degree in Recreation Therapy and my years of working in the Health Care industry with special populations has given me unique insight into the power people have in accepting and overcoming weaknesses.

I am passionate about people and I love helping and encouraging others to find their OWN answers.  I specifically work with women of all ages and have come to see them as God’s secret weapon for incredible good.  I firmly believe GOD IS THE LIFE-COACH and I am a helpful facilitator through my own experiences.

Please click the button below for a complimentary one-hour coaching session where you can decide if we are a good team!

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Rate: $50 for a 60 Minute Session

Markham McReynolds

markhamadMarkham has been personally trained by Maurice Harker, Cody Hawes and the leaders of the Men of Moroni program to empower warriors to win their battles with Satan. He specializes in serving teenagers, and parents. Markham is the oldest son of Kevin and Karla McReynolds. Markham was born in Salt Lake City was raised in both New Mexico and Layton, Utah, where he graduated from Layton High School in 1999. He served a LDS Mission in Warsaw, Poland from 2000-2002 and completed his Bachelor’s program majoring in Philosophy with a broad academic background including medical and business coursework. Markham recently celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife and loves spending time with her and their two boys. Markham has built a diverse background of mentoring others including:

  • Boy Scout organization- Earned his Eagle Scout at age fourteen and served as assistant Scoutmaster.
  • Religious training – Serving a mission and served as Branch President and one year of training for professional religion educators at the University of Utah LDS institute.
  • Higher Education – Created and funded a student group designed to bring public speakers campus at the University of Utah including Patch Adams. Managing editor of Utah’s Health Medical Journal 2004-2005. Oversaw all aspects of peer reviewed health journal for the state of Utah. Led workshops for other board members. Teaches Sales, Leadership and computer courses at Latter-day Saint Business College.
  • Professional- Ten years as a successful salesperson and marketing expert.

Phone: 801.980.0008


Rate: $50 for a 60 minute session

Alana Gordon


Alana is a life coach who has walked the path of betrayal trauma. She’s a mother of five, wife of a porn addict, and the co-director of the Men of Moroni addiction recovery program. She’s an office manager for a therapy office specializing in sexual addictions while she furthers her education to become a licensed sexual addiction therapist. With her husband Luke, she travels sharing their personal stories of hope and recovery from addiction and trauma.

“When tragedy struck, I had lost all hope for the future. I didn’t know where to turn, and which path was the right choice. A once strong and confident woman, I found myself broken, hopeless, separated, and on the brink of divorce. I did not even know where to begin. Broken, I cried out, “This is bigger than me and I need help. I can’t do this alone.” This plea was the beginning of a path of healing.”

Alana’s specialties include but are not limited to:

Healing from betrayal trauma
Helping women understanding the addiction of their loved one
Helping female addicts overcome their own sexual addictions
Recognizing the power of Satan’s daily negative influence in your life
Educating you on how to help your children understand and cope when life gets hard
Daily Accountability Check-ins
Helping build foundations for recovery to find long lasting success

If you find yourself stuck, alone, and in need of additional support, please give me a call. You don’t have to do this alone.

Phone: 253.315.9990



Rate: $60 a session*

*sliding scale available

Chuck Miller


Chuck Miller was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah where he graduated from Bountiful High School then served an LDS mission in Madrid, Spain.  He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Utah in 2008 and a Master’s in School Counseling at the University of Phoenix in 2012.  Most recently he worked full-time as a Job Coach Trainer at Deseret Industries. Chuck has been a member of the Life Changing Services team since 2009, serving on the Outreach Team, assisting Maurice Harker with the Marriage Repair Workshop and 5th Sunday presentations, and serving as a Personal Warrior Trainer, Life Coach, Eternal Warriors Mentor, and Text Coach. He has been personally trained by Maurice Harker and the leaders of the Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni programs in Eternal Warrior principles. Chuck has coached competitive soccer for 17 years and teaches and mentors elite athletes through Mental Skills Training as the founder and president of Infusion Sports Consulting.  He is passionate about helping others in winning their battles with the adversary and teaching them the tools and skills essential to a life of prosperity and happiness.

Mentoring packages range from $75-$100 for 45-60 min. session.

To set up a FREE initial mentoring session and consultation, book an appointment here with the button below or contact him directly!

Phone: 801.694.4512


Luke Gordon

lukegordonLuke Gordon is a life coach who has taken his lifelong experience in addiction as a tool to help other men. Now sober and in recovery, he is helping others find their way out of the hole of addiction.

His expertise lies in pornography addiction and understanding betrayal trauma. His experience includes being the director of the Men of Moroni program and a facilitator of an LDS Addiction Recovery Meeting.

The pain of addiction drives Luke to help others. He writes “I lead a life of always watching my own back because of the fear of who I really was. I was afraid that if people found out what I was doing, they would no longer accept me. Every time I was with my wife and she looked at my phone, fear shot through me. When everything came to a head, I was terrified that others would see I was broken. The entire time I had treated myself as the enemy. I discovered that I was fighting the wrong person. I assumed my choices reflected the person that I was internally. I didn’t want to be that person, but somehow I kept repeating the same mistakes and was left with a sense of hopelessness. Being so determined to hide, I couldn’t see that the only thing that was going to help me was to come out of isolation. I couldn’t do this alone. “

You don’t have to do this alone either.

Phone:  702.600.8307



Rate: $60 per session

Chuck Hawkins

chuckhawkinsMy focus as a life coach is to assist others in continuing to come unto Jesus Christ as their Savior. I hold it as my belief that our hope in living a better life comes through replacing our old habits and beliefs with new positive ones that continually lead us to having a stronger and stronger relationship with God.

I have been an experienced life coach for over twenty years, beginning my career with the Franklin Covey Institute; I served an LDS mission in France; I personally owned and operated a successful pizza restaurant for ten years; I love my family and I have been married to my sweetheart for thirty-one years while we have raised and loved our four children and grandchildren.

I desire to further assist my clients by creating a personalized coaching experience where I can share with them my knowledge and wisdom in a safe and uplifting environment. It is my goal to effectively coach my client in finding the power within themselves to connect with God and establish a new and productive life.
You are welcome to reach out to me for a free consultation.

Phone: 801.564.3330


Rate: $75 per session