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Adam Clark

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Self-Mastery Coach
Addiction Prevention

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(801) 660-0119

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Adam Clark

Adam is an Eternal Warriors Mentor and a Personal Warrior Trainer who has worked with boys recovering from Addiction for more than four years.

Adam graduated from Sons of Helaman in 2013. He served a full-time LDS mission in Lyon, France. Adam has many positions at Life Changing Services including Text Coach, Personal Warrior Trainer, Eternal Warriors Mentor, the Sons of Mosiah program for missionaries. He has worked with special needs adults at Vista Education Campus, helping develop independent living skills. He is married and he and his wife have a very cute baby girl. Adam recently graduated from Weber State University and is currently studying to become a licensed financial adviser.

Adam has received training from Maurice Harker, Cody Hawes, TJ Rowden and many other LCS clinicians. He prefers a soft startup with a client while gradually increasing intensity to help “hold their feet to the fire.”

Adam enjoys swimming and anything to do with Star Wars. He worked as a camp counselor for the BSA Bear Lake Aquatics Base for more than two years.

Adam is passionate about Addiction Recovery, prevention and is dedicated to helping others to win the fight!

To “Meet Adam” and get to know him a little, listen as he is interviewed on a few podcast channels:

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Coaching Rate: $60 per hour ($30 for 1/2 hour appt.)

Please contact Adam for one-on-one mentoring.