Alana Gordon

Alana Gordon, MFT-I, CCPS-C



Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach
WORTH Program Director

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Alana Gordon, MFT-I, CCPS-C

There are times in life when we may feel stretched beyond our limits, in need of repair. When we feel hopeless that things will get better. During these difficult times it can be hard to ask for help. When you take that first step of reaching out, I’ll come along side of you and aid in your journey towards healing, balance, and wellness. I will collaborate with you to help guide your journey, as we work together to find health and happiness.

Having walked the path of betrayal trauma as well as addiction, I am uniquely qualified to understand both sides of couple’s struggles. I offer research-based treatment that teaches you the skills for sustained recovery. If you’re willing to do the work between sessions, you can learn how to get your life back on track. You may feel stuck, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck.

I am a therapist intern and life coach who has walked the path of betrayal trauma. As a mother of five, wife of a recovering porn addict, and director of the WORTH program, I specialize in working with individuals and couples trying to heal from infidelity. With my husband Luke (director of Men of Moroni) we travel sharing our personal stories of hope and recovery from addiction and trauma.

If you find yourself stuck, confused, or in need of additional support, please give me a call. You don’t have to do this alone.

Coaching Rate: $125 per session


Alana is the program director for WORTH. She teaches various classes through that program specifically for wives suffering from betrayal trauma. Please email for more information. If you would like more one-on-one work with Alana, please set up an appointment with her individually.

Alana is not currently teaching Eternal Warriors classes.