Amie Woolsey

Amie Woolsey

Life Coach

Betrayal Trauma & Post-Divorce Coach

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Amie Woolsey

Realizing how much work it takes to heal or navigate life with an addict can feel overwhelming and lonely. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. There is hope and healing available, if you choose to invest in yourself. 

I did not grow up thinking I would be the wife of an addict or that I would have a husband who was unfaithful. No one prepared me for that. So, when I discovered my husband’s infidelity and pornography addiction, the shock and fear were almost debilitating. I was confused–not knowing how I felt, or not really feeling at all. I was left wondering what to do and where do I even begin. I remember believing that if he would just change and get better, then I would feel better. I now understand that feeling better is not contingent on his choices, and neither was my healing. 

The decision to end an 18 year marriage was not easy. I worked hard for years trying to “fix” it. However, I knew that it was necessary in order for me to ever be whole again. Learning to trust myself, believe once again in my intuitions, and value my worth was priceless to me. 

I believe that divorce is never the first choice or desired outcome. However, I know that God desires us to be happy and healthy in every capacity. So, my focus will be the same for you. Helping you to see that you can create your own happiness and be healthy once again whether you are married or not, because it IS possible!

I know that living life after divorce as a single mom can be the most frightening aspect of all. My experience and education during this time in my life brings great value to my coaching. 

I have since remarried and am experiencing what a healthy marriage looks like for the first time in my life, which adds another element to my coaching tools. Together we have 7 children ranging from 22 to 5 years-old–it is a party!  I know that because I invested in myself and in my own healing, life is better than I ever thought possible. 

I bring with me key principles and tools that have blessed my life in my long journey and continue to bless me each day. I have found these same principles are implemented in WORTH and Choose Recovery services, making it a joy and privilege to be affiliated with this group. I invite you to invest in yourself too!

*Betrayal Trauma 

*Dating/Engaged to Someone in Addiction

*Post-Divorce Trauma and Dating After Divorce

*WORTH-YSA Course 

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Rate- $110 / 50 minute session

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