Annette Howse

Annette Howse

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Certified Integrative Processing Facilitator

Training in Emotionally Focused Couple’s Work

Women, Singles

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Annette Howse

Hello,  My name is Annette.  I love everything about the home and the family! This is due to my excited convert parents and their zeal for living the truth.

I also love many creative arts, writing, teaching, exploring, learning, farming, natural health and preparedness. Being raised in the woodlands of Northern Michigan near the shores of the Great Lakes, I came to love nature. The rolling hills, lakes, trees and bright Fall colors will always be dear to me. As the 3rd of 12 children, I helped work in a family fudge store growing up.  I also enjoyed serving a mission in Hong Kong as a young adult.

As an adult, I have experienced adopting children, overcoming the loss of children, divorce, and the trauma these things can bring.

All experiences combined, both my ideal childhood and tumultuous married life have been JUST what I needed to learn and grow in my personalized earthly training here.

The Eternal Warrior Principles & Group Support, along with my training at the Institute of Healing Arts, have been the wonderful tools Heavenly Father led me to, in order to help me heal and learn these fantastic life lessons.

The ability to accept my life’s challenges and come to a place of joy, having passed through them, is what the Lord has done with me and for me, through these means.  I am here to share with you what has been given to me. I have fun with my classes and absolutely love to serve others!

One of my favorite parts of the Eternal Warrior’s program is that it’s designed to help us fine tune our spiritual senses, through use of our bodies, minds and spirits together (might, mind, & strength) to combat evil and rise above it.

As an Integrative Processing Facilitator (IPT), having graduated from The Institute of Healing Arts with The Award of Excellence, I offer the unique ability to add to this combination of might, mind and strength, a strong knowledge of the heart…i.e., Principles of Emotional Health/ rewiring faulty emotionally based programs, and Vital Nutritional Information affecting our choices and strength in all areas of life.

Come join with me in a journey to Joy!

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor, Certified Integrative Processing Facilitator, Training in Emotionally Focused Couple’s Work

You can contact me:

Phone:  435-314-6258


Group Eternal Warrior training, please contact me for days/times. (Cost adjusted  to your income)

Individual 1½ – 2 hour  IPT sessions: $75.00