Ashly Hunter

Ashly Hunter, CMHC-Intern

Life Coach

Betrayal Trauma and Addiction Coach

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Ashly Hunter, CMHC-Intern

My drive to be a licensed counselor and life coach comes from my personal experience with betrayal trauma. During a difficult time in my life I felt so alone – I believed there was no way anyone would understand what I was experiencing.

Through support groups such as WORTH I learned that this is one of the Adversary’s favorite tactics. He works in shadows and isolation and his power comes from secrets – so I work daily to bring things into the light, build connections, and draw my power from truth. As your life coach, I will empower you to do the same.

I first found WORTH as an answer to my own prayers in a time of need. I have participated in the clinician-led groups for both WORTH and WORTH-Divorce. I have helped plan and implement the mentoring program, taught in the psycho-educational WORTH Foundations class, organized, ran and taught in the WORTH Thrive psycho-educational class, acted as a Sister – in – Arms to a number of women, and I currently co-mentor in a WORTH Mentor-Led Divorce group.

I’m working hard as a single mom and recently became an in-home, state-licensed daycare provider as I go to grad school for my Clinical Mental Health Counselor degree. My girls are in the terrible twos and 8 going on 18.

I am a mentor to many married and divorced women.

I believe that divorce is never the solution to a problem; however, it can be an answer to a prayer. Whether you’re still in your marriage, contemplating divorce, or experience the aftermath of a divorce, I would love to walk side-by-side with you and remind you of the tools that God has already created for your peace and safety. Regardless peace is possible, hope is out there, and the power to overcome has already been promised to you – let me help you find them.


You aren’t alone – you’ve got this – I can help.



Ashly is currently only offering one-on-one coaching and counseling. Please schedule with her individually.