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Carol Carter

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Women & Young Adults

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Carol Carter

Carol has worked for Life Changing Services several years in different capacities, largely fielding incoming calls and emails and directing people to appropriate sources of hope, help and understanding.  She’s had personal experience with the myriad of challenges that accompany betrayal trauma as well as a failed marriage when hers ended after nearly 30 years of trying to make it work.   She did remarry four years later, only to lose her second husband to cancer recently after three short years together.

Carol is one of the amazing individuals of LCS who have dedicated their lives to empower others, working together to make miracles happen.  She learned she can  get through anything with the love and light that come from God, who is the ultimate resource for direction and healing.  She also learned that happiness and even joy are possible in spite of pain and adversity.  Someone once said, “Joy is not the absence of pain, but the presence of God.”  She’s very interested in the effort to empower others.

She’d love to help you find the answers you’re seeking.  Any situation or issue can be improved upon or completely overcome – it’s just a matter of finding all the pieces to the puzzle, which is only possible with God’s help who knows what pieces each individual needs.

Carol certified as a hypnotherapist in December 2019 so has that skill as an added dimension, as well as further education in resources she’s come across over many years of seeking help for her family.  She is also Director of Odyssey of Hope, an organization that will be a resource of education and resources for some of the afore-mentioned puzzle pieces.  The company is not yet up and running, more information to come.

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Carol is not teaching Eternal Warriors classes.