Darla Gallew

Darla Gallew

Certified Mentor

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor

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Darla Gallew

Darla has been teaching and helping people with their relationship to food and themselves since 2010. She really cares about making your life better and provides a safe and supportive space so that you may begin to discover what is your next right step.

Her approach will be Christ centered.  She has seen His power change her life and others, for which she is forever grateful.

In 2018, Darla began learning about the principles taught in the Eternal Warriors program.  They helped her find healing in emotional and physical health, marriage, children and finances, teaching her and her husband skills and techniques which have empowered them to enjoy intentional, purposeful living.

Key Things Darla Can Help You With:

  • Eating Mindfully: Darla will teach you to pay attention to when you’re hungry and when you’re full.  No more thinking of food as “good” or “bad.”

  • Managing Your Thoughts: Say goodbye to the idea of self-sabotage and learn that Satan likes to mimic your voice to convince you to participate in behaviors that are contrary to your values. Darla will help you have a healthier relationship with yourself and your body.

  • Handling Stress and Emotions: Learn how to deal with everyday problems and feelings. Darla will show you how to be strong inside.  The cues that our body gives us are the only way it knows how to communicate that you are out of balance.

Darla’s own 35-year journey of healing is the heart of what she teaches. She wants to help you take care of your body, mind, and spirit. With 37 years of marriage, four kids, and two grandkids, Darla knows about life’s ups and downs. She’s ready to help you reach your goals.  Take a journey with Darla Gallew. Let’s find the path to becoming the master of your own life and living by your values.

Darla is a retired homeschool mom of 25 years, loves to teach and help others.  She shares her talent with others.  The mother of 4 wonderful children, a son and daughter in law, 2 amazing grandchildren.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart Brian since 1987.   While they have lived in various places around the United States and overseas, currently they are living in Idaho.

She now finds her best self on the other side of her fears along with a vision of “Christ centered life”.  While she always believed others were daughters of god she now knows that she is as well.  Her identity as a daughter of God led her to remember who and whose she is.  Strengthened by this knowledge she has been able manage anxiety, depression and her relationship to food in a values centered way.

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