Debbie Stransky

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor & Life Coach

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Debbie Stransky

Debbie Stransky is an enthusiastic, passionate mentor, who loves guiding women to remember who they are as they draw on their Savior’s Atoning Power while discovering their own Personal Power. She has benefited from these Life Changing Principles while navigating through raising five children that have struggled with addiction, loss and mental illness.

The challenges, which she has experienced, once felt like shattered dreams have turned out to be her life’s greatest learning experiences.

The opportunity to become a Mentor with Life Changing Services is a privilege, which she doesn’t take lightly. She has applied these principles and found great rewards personally and also in teaching others the tools that are needed to navigate through the turbulent times that are sure to occur in our lives.

Because of her desire to serve, listen, and guide others she was drawn to work in and manage a busy Neurological Psychology office for the past 10 years. Though this has provided much experience she finds the saving principles that we can implement in our own lives through small and simple steps will achieve the ability to recognize when the adversary is present and flip those debilitating thoughts to come off conqueror. She knows these tools will aid to actively center our lives on the Savior as we become intentional in seeking to have the spirit always.

Her favorite quote “The Real Battle is to have the Spirit, when you have the Spirit you win every battle” (Maurice Harker).

Her continued desire to learn and find peace has led her to love being out in nature, hiking and biking. She loves setting goals and recognizing that God is interested in our personal growth. She is excited to share these life changing tools that she knows when applied will help us to gain peace.

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