Hali Roderick

Hali Roderick

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Empowerment Coach and
Betrayal Trauma Coach

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(208) 313-2428


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Hali Roderick

As a Life Coach, Hali will help you realize your dreams and divine potential while savoring the journey along the way regardless of the storms that may rage around you.  She can help you to transform from a place of anxiety, doubt and fear and to step in to a place of living with driven passion, focus, and purpose.

Hali first learned from Maurice Harker and his team as a client during a time of difficult challenges in her own life and relationships.  As a client, the Christ-centered approach to relationship struggles is exactly what she was seeking. She could not walk away from the programs and principles that had such a dramatic impact on her personally and in her closest relationships.  Over the last 5 years she has continued to deepen her understanding and application of the Christ-centered tools and principles that so bless her life. She has guided many Eternal Warrior clients as they have discovered these same empowering tools and helped them with real life application and transformation!

In addition to Eternal Warrior mentoring, as a member of the WORTH group Leadership team, she helps women who are reaching out for support to feel trust, love and hope.  She has also worked with young men in the Sons of Helaman program as a Personal Warrior Trainer and finds great joy in helping them discover their strength and power.

She creates a safe space for you to clarify intentions, explore possibilities and clear obstacles to make your dreams a reality. Hali thrives on helping women rise from the ashes of disappointment, betrayal, and grief and emerge as the strong and confident individual they have always wanted to be!

Hali is also passionate about helping young men and young women to get clear on their identity as sons and daughters of God and to make choices that will set them up for success now and in the future!

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Coaching Rate: $75 for 5o minute session.


Monday: 6:30pm – 7:30pm MT


Hali also does individual coaching. Please contact her for more details.