Hali Roderick

Hali Roderick

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Empowerment Coach and
Betrayal Trauma Coach

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(208) 313-2428


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Hali Roderick

As a Trauma Informed Certified Coach, Hali specializes in helping her clients create a life where they can thrive after trauma. Hali’s inspiration comes from walking her own path of healing and she is passionate about providing support and compassion for individuals and meeting them wherever they are at in their own journey. She intuitively connects with her clients in a way that creates a safe and collaborative environment to empower individuals as they navigate through their individual recovery and healing journey. 


Couples and individuals who partner with Hali will find a safe and judgement free space where they can discover the behaviors and thought patterns that will help them step into the life they envision for themselves. Hali values authenticity, truth, empowerment and growth. She not only strives to live from that space but brings those values into her coaching as well. 

Hali is the Assistant Director of the Worth Group at Life Changing Services where she helps women who are experiencing betrayal trauma and who are reaching out for support to feel trust, love, and hope.  She facilitates groups, teaches classes, and works with individuals and couples who are working to rise from the ashes of trauma. Hali is a Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator for couples and utilizes their couples assessment and training to guide couples to more healthy and connected relationships. 


When you work with Hali you can expect a safe space for you to clarify intentions, explore possibilities, and clear obstacles to make your dreams a reality. Whether you are an individual looking to rise from the ashes of disappointment, betrayal, and grief, or a couple looking to rebuild your relationship, Hali can help.  She will guide you as you make choices that will set you up for success now and in the future!  If you are ready to create a life of healing and growth, CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary consultation with Hali to see if she is the coach for you! 


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Monday: 6:30pm – 7:30pm MT

Hali also does individual coaching. Please contact her for more details.