Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Women, Couples

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Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith has been with Life Changing Services since 2015 and has worked with many clients as an Eternal Warrior Mentor, Personal Warrior Trainer (addiction recovery mentor) and a Life/Marriage Coach with her husband, Andy.

She is co-owner of “Be the True You,” a personal empowerment company which helps married couples gain emotional mastery and relationship skills through The Marriage Academy and Blissful Marriage Retreats. (

Jennifer is also a best-selling author of “12 Weeks to Greater Peace, Joy and Love in Your Family,” an inspired family relationship self-help book. She is a certified practitioner in two quantum-based energy healing modalities. She has a degree in Professional Child Care from BYU/Idaho (formerly Ricks College), and co-owned and operated Family Circle Daycare for over 25 years along with Andy for 21 years. Jennifer has also been a coach for 3 Key Elements Elite Program.

She married her junior high school sweetheart is a parent to 6 amazing children and grandparent to 10 beautiful grandchildren. Jennifer loves hiking, nature and gourmet cooking in her rare spare time.

Jennifer offers private one-on-one or married couples Eternal Warrior emotional self-mastery training. She also offers private one-on-one life coaching for women or for married couples. These are by private appointment only. No group training or classes offered.


Please schedule a 30-minute complimentary assessment call to learn if Eternal Warriors training is a fit for you.

Jennifer is available for one-on-one Eternal Warriors training with women or married couples by appointment only. Click “Schedule a Consultation” to discuss scheduling.