Luke Gordon

Luke Gordon

Addiction Recovery Coach

Men of Moroni Program Director

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Luke Gordon

Luke Gordon is an Addiction Recovery Coach who has taken his lifelong experience in addiction as a tool to help other men. Now sober and in recovery, he is helping others find their way out of the hole of addiction.

His expertise lies in pornography addiction and understanding betrayal trauma. His experience includes being the director of the Men of Moroni program and a facilitator of an LDS Addiction Recovery Meeting.

The pain of addiction drives Luke to help others. He writes “I lead a life of always watching my own back because of the fear of who I really was. I was afraid that if people found out what I was doing, they would no longer accept me. Every time I was with my wife and she looked at my phone, fear shot through me. When everything came to a head, I was terrified that others would see I was broken. The entire time I had treated myself as the enemy. I discovered that I was fighting the wrong person. I assumed my choices reflected the person that I was internally. I didn’t want to be that person, but somehow I kept repeating the same mistakes and was left with a sense of hopelessness. Being so determined to hide, I couldn’t see that the only thing that was going to help me was to come out of isolation. I couldn’t do this alone. “

You don’t have to do this alone either.

Coaching Rate: $90 per session

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Luke is currently teaching a class specifically for men who have “vested” in the Men of Moroni program. For more information or to register for Men of Moroni Rising CLICK HERE.  (Note: this is a seperate registration from Eternal Warriors)