Marni Bown

Marni Bown

Life Coach

Betrayal Trauma, Divorce, Post Divorce Dating, Women, Men, Singles, Couples

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Marni Bown

I am passionate about supporting, educating and empowering individuals on how to survive betrayal trauma. My goal is to instill hope and faith in healing.

I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world and was married to my best friend. It was shortly after our 21st wedding anniversary that I had my first big discovery day.

In that moment my life changed forever and I realized my husband had been living a double life. Pulling on that string was just the beginning of many more discoveries to come involving his addictions.

I looked everywhere I could think for help trying to get answers while remaining confidential about our situation as well. I was in a fight for my marriage while barely surviving each day as I questioned everything about my life.

Finally I was introduced to the term betrayal trauma and my healing journey began. Through that process I found WORTH and was able to have clarity and understanding of what was going on with the knowledge that I wasn’t alone.

Because of my appreciation for Life Changing Services, I got certified as a Life Coach to give hope to someone else new to betrayal trauma. I love being a mentor for both married and divorced people.

I trust with hard work a marriage can survive these circumstances. But, after a lot of clarification and prayers, I knew it was time for our marriage to come to an end. I never believed that God would give me the answer that divorce was the right choice for me. Eventually I knew the best way moving forward was to turn him over to God to get the help he required and the safety I needed.

I graduated from the University of Utah in 2000 with a BFA degree in Modern Dance. I was a single mom of 4 very busy boys for 3 years before marrying my favorite person that was built just for me. Together we have blended 9 children and we also have two beautiful daughter-in-laws making us a lucky 13. I enjoy my family, traveling, dancing, exercising, sports, reading, spending time outdoors, playing tennis and getting lunch with friends.

I mentor married or divorced men and women that have experienced betrayal trauma.

I am here to be your advocate and supporter in whatever space you currently preside whether it be to work on your marriage, move through divorce or navigate post divorce as well. I will create a safe space of love and understanding with a determination of how to get you where you can become your best self.

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become!”

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