Marquelle Brown

Marquelle Brown

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Nutritionist and Mindful Eating Life Coach

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Marquelle Brown

Marquelle Brown is successful at helping others “Experience the joy of wellness”  physically, mentally, and spiritually.   She focuses on nourishing your “whole self,” implementing mindfulness techniques, and creating a healthy mindset.

Marquelle is an Eternal Warriors Mentor and a Personal Warrior Trainer for Life Changing Services.  She has helped many navigate through daily challenges, create plans and strategies for success, and see many people transform their lives by incorporating these self-mastery tools.  She incorporates scientific principles with a Christ centered approach.  She has seen these principles and techniques change her life and others, which she is forever grateful.

Marquelle is a Nutritionist CNS, with an emphasis in Psychology of Eating and Wellness, Mind Body Medicine, and Psychology of Well-being.  She has had success helping many people transform their health, overcome long term conditions, and experience optimal health and wellness.  She is not afraid to address difficult chronic conditions.  She has the patience to help those needing support and encouragement as they navigate and strategize how to overcome roadblocks.  She is here for you. She will be by your side to offer support and encouragement during your journey of progress and growth.

Marquelle has been successful navigating through her own difficult trials, one, helping her daughter, who was sick with a compromised immune system, recover, and who now lives a normal life without any restrictions.  She has also recovered from betrayal trauma and a collapsed marriage, which she and her husband have worked to repair and continue to strengthen their marriage. Through these seemingly impossible trials she has learned resilience, endurance, and how to rely upon Christ and stand “steadfast and immoveable” always keeping her eye single to His glory.

Her faith, determination, and commitment to be patient, humble, and trust the Lord have helped her receive inspiration and guidance to overcome hard things.  Through her experiences her compassion and empathy have deepened increasing her perspective in assisting those seeking guidance and creating changes in their life.

Marquelle is a flutist.  She loves to perform and teach.  Music gives her joy as she shares her talent with others.  She has six wonderful children ages 7 to 22.  She is married to her husband, Chris, who is a chemical engineer, who loves to read and play basketball.  Marquelle enjoys being outdoors, riding horses, animals, and spending time with her children.  Marquelle and her family live in Collinsville, Ok.

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