Reuben Aiton

Reuben Aiton

Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach

Professional Speaker and Results Coach

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(630) 636-1013

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Reuben Aiton

Reuben believes in the limitless power to heal and transform when individuals release the resistance in their lives and align with their authentic self.  Through various modalities, he helps clients connect with their divine capacity, breakthrough limiting beliefs, restore their power to choose and engage in their passion and purpose.

Reuben Aiton started his career as a chemical engineer and worked for fortune 500 companies for 23 years before transitioning fully to Coaching and Healing work.  His engineering training and experience enables him to bring a strong systems-level approach to the challenges that individuals are facing.

Reuben is a Master Practitioner of Neural Linguistic Programming, a Master Practitioner of Mental Emotional Release, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Personal Warrior Trainer with Life Changing Services and Certified Life Coach.  He has over 10 years of experience working in the field of coaching and healing.

In addition to coaching in his own business, Reuben is the director of all Mentoring programs and Mentor Certification at Life Changing Services, an addiction recovery company based in Farmington, Utah.  He is also the Director of Marketing at Life Changing Services and, as a Keap Certified Partner, is an expert in Marketing Automation and Marketing Strategies. Reuben is the co-author of Never A Happier Time, a handbook on how to overcome self-mastery challenges.

In addition to healing work, one of Reuben’s passions is helping others to find theirs.  Reuben believes in the power of passion and purpose to sustain recovery for addictive tendencies.  He has developed a unique passion project training system as a result of his own passion project work and trains other coaches in how to implement that system for their clients.

In his free time, Reuben engages in his own passions of woodworking, home renovation, musical instruments and sound healing, writing and farming.  He and his wife, Tina, two children, Eric and River and four dogs live on a small farm in the mountains of Northwest South Carolina.

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Coaching Rate:  $125 for a 60 Minute Session

Young Men (12 – 17)  Thursday 6pm, MTN Utah
I also work one-on-one with Young Men and with Adult Men. Please contact me for more information about working one-on-one.