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Spencer Hall

Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Coach, Faith-based (LDS) Life Coach

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Spencer Hall

A profound quote I once read says, ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.’ This principle guides my coaching philosophy. I know what it takes to experience genuine change and I strive to live what I teach my clients by continuing to fight for personal and spiritual freedom each day. My mission centers on empowering others to transform their lives.

My coaching journey began 7 years ago and is deeply influenced by my own personal struggles and triumphs in my life. The path wasn’t straightforward, but the detours taught me invaluable lessons I now share with people like you! Each person’s journey is unique, every story has its own beauty and worth. Now happily married, McKinley and I, as therapist and coach, dedicate ourselves to the growth and healing of individuals and couples.

As a certified life coach and faith-based (LDS) life coach, I leverage my experience and training to offer an array of tools for real change in the lives of the people I work with. My approach is grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ and His prophets with practical coaching techniques, aiming to guide you toward discovering your true potential.

Ultimately, I am a fellow traveler who has walked the path of unexpected turns, struggle, and found strength and joy along the journey. Whether you’ve faced similar challenges or are treading a different path, our mission is the same: to discover the fullness of life that awaits when we align with God’s truth.

If you’re standing at a crossroads, seeking the courage to move forward and the wisdom to choose the right path, let’s connect. I’m not just a coach; I’m someone who’s lived the very transformation I teach. Inspired by divine teachings and grounded in personal experience, I offer more than advice — I offer a partnership on your journey to change.

You don’t have to navigate this alone. Reach out, schedule a call, and let’s explore how your unique story can unfold into a powerful testimony of growth and resilience. 

Services Offered:

  • Personalized One-on-One Coaching (Includes Youth, YSA, Men, & Women)
  • Parent Guidance Coaching
  • Young Married Couples Coaching


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