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Farmington, Utah

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The Men of Moroni program is designed to teach men self-mastery skills to overcome unwanted sexual misbehaviors.

To vest in the program it requires obtaining 84 consecutive days with no sexual misbehavior and 28 consecutive “perfect” days of target behaviors and power activities at the time of vesting.  Once a man is vested in the program, participation becomes free of charge. After vesting, we encourage men to keep coming to further master his self-mastery skills and help others newer to the fight.


$79 registration and materials fee. The materials include:

  • Men of Moroni MAN PoWeR Journal
  • Like Dragons Did They Fight book by Maurice W. Harker
  • Putting On The Armor of God book by Steven Cramer
  • Audio and video training materials sent through online links

$30 Mentor Meetings. $50 Clinician meetings. Weekly, until warriors are vested in the program, and then the program becomes free. Clients will choose which group fits their personal needs best.

$25 For Personal Warrior Training (PWT) sessions. The first four weekly PWT sessions are required. Future sessions are held on an as needed basis.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signup for Men of Moroni in 3 easy steps!

  • Choose the group you’d like to start in
  • Email with your filled out paperwork and your group choice. You can access the paperwork here.
  • After your paperwork and group choice are received, our staff will help you get set up with a program orientation/intake. Then you are ready to begin!


For more information call 1-877-HERO-877 or email