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Finding HOPE When Your Child Battles Pornography or Other Challenging Issues

If you’re a mom who’s riding the emotional roller coaster with a child trapped in addiction or another challenging issue, this book will guide you to a place of stability and peace.

Learn powerful tools from a mother who has been where you are now.

Momma Trauma Excerpt...

"You need answers!"

“You just found out your son or daughter has an addiction to pornography, and you are in tears. Your child is in chains with a gaping wound like you have never seen before and you have no frame of reference or training on how to handle this. You need help! You need answers! You need to know what to do to help your fallen child. Everything in you wants to run for help, but you can’t.

Where would you go?

Your child has the kind of addiction that a mother must hide in order to protect them from even more danger and pain. If anyone were to find out your child was addicted to pornography, it would ruin them and affect their future. If anyone knew your child had an addiction to pornography, what would they think of you and your parenting?

No one can find out.

You are NOT Alone

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