What Can I Do About Me?


“This unique book not only provides a powerful and authentic narrative about the gut-wrenching realities surrounding a spouse’s pornography and sexual addiction, but it also illuminates a pathway to healing for anyone feeling shame, isolation, fear, or indescribable pain as they deal with this or similar issues. Rhyll dares to do what most people won’t; she leans into her vulnerabilities, has faith to see light in dark places, and musters courage to share all of it so that others may have hope.

~ Jill C. Manning, PhD, LMFT Author of What’s the Big Deal About Pornography and Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room


[While you may be able to find this book at a tiny bit cheaper price elsewhere, we encourage you to buy here as the proceeds are put toward supporting therapeutic groups for women who have experienced Betrayal Trauma: The WORTH Group ]


What Can I Do About Me? shines light on the darkness of pornography and sexual addiction, the trauma felt by loved ones, and the hope that recovery and peace are possible.

It is my hope that this book will help you find . . .

-A pathway to healing
-Hope in the present and in your future
-An understanding of what real recovery looks and feels like

This path to peace includes:

-Recognizing that there is no way but through
-Setting boundaries is the most loving thing I can do
-Forgiveness is not the same as trust
-I can’t, but He (God) can, and I will let Him
-Having gratitude in the present moment
-Self-care is His care
-I’ll row my own boat
-I can live happily. . . one day at a time


Rhyll Croshaw