Individual or Marital Therapy Sessions

One-on-One counseling to help you overcome life’s obstacles. We work in a collaborative manner with our clients to establish goals and develop insight to make real-life changes. Using a number of therapeutic techniques including client centered, cognitive and cognitive-behavioral strategies, we empower clients to build upon existing strengths and develop new coping skills. [Cost is dependent on individual therapist]

Sons of Helaman Program

The Sons of Helaman program consists of face-to-face group meetings with a certified, licensed professional clinician and the practicing of daily habits. The groups consist of young men who have dedicated themselves to helping each other overcome unwanted pornography and/or masturbation addictions. In a “Knights of the Round Table” environment, they encourage and help their brethren in the fight against this demon that assails them. Group participants practice and develop the warrior instincts that are required to conquer these addictions for the rest of their lives. They learn the strategies that the adversary will use against them, and are trained how to use the most powerful weapons known to science and spirituality to defeat him. Young men ages 14-28 should be considered for the program. Return missionaries who need extra training are also invited. This program is ideal for helping a young man prepare for his mission and/or temple marriage. Graduation from the group includes having successfully conquered the addiction for 12 consecutive weeks. The young men attending the groups find it to be much more enjoyable (after the initial discomfort) and much more effective than individual therapy. Parents and Bishops have been pleased with the cost efficiency being about ¼ the cost of individual therapy. [$50 a week, $125 intake fee, includes “Like Dragons Did They Fight” and “Sons of Mosiah” MAN PoWeR Journal, $55 transfer from private therapy fee]

Sons of Mosiah Program

The Sons of Mosiah program is for missionaries in-field, preparing missionaries, missionaries released early and return missionaries geographically separated from Sons of Helaman face-to-face group options. Participants work within a daily journal to develop skills to fight the adversary and overcome unwanted behaviors. Participants strengthen one another through online means and email groups. Graduation from the group includes having successfully conquered the unwanted behaviors for 12 consecutive weeks. A certified on-line coach, overseen by a licensed clinician, leads participants through discussions to improve or increase their warrior chemistry. [$20 a week, $50 for participant kit]

Text Coaching

Sometimes the skills and/or determination needed to succeed for a long time is insufficient, but the cost of therapy is intimidating. Text Coaching solves these problems and more.“T-Coaching” takes advantage of modern social media technology (texting) and allows us to send several texts/prompts each day to each client. In these texts/prompts the client is asked carefully structured questions designed to train their brains to overcome addictive and/or compulsive behaviors. In order to effectively restructure the brain, the client needs to answer almost every text. These answers go directly to a trained certified coach. We assess the answers to see if the state of mind of the client is strong enough for them to “win their battles” until they get the next text. We provide short interventions via text as needed, usually about once each day. By winning for shorter periods of time the client gains the momentum needed to help them succeed for a life time. Gratefully, this works for all addictions and compulsive behaviors! Try it out for a few weeks and see how it goes. [$20 per week]

Men of Moroni

Men of Moroni is a program designed for grown men, married or single, who want to fight like dragons against the adversary’s tools of pornography and sexual addiction. Online and in person groups are held throughout the week as well as daily accountability through a messaging group called Slack. Men in this group support one another in strengthening their discernment skills to avoid temptations and stay strong. [Mentor Lead Groups: $30 Weekly until graduation. $50 to register. Clinician Lead Groups: $50 Weekly. $145 to register]

Becoming Christ Centered

Becoming CHRIST Centered is a proven, eternal-principles based program and seminar that has helped individuals and attendees to SEE, THINK, FEEL and DO more like the Savior.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand and feel your worth regardless of your mistakes
  • Live in the present and recognize you’re on the path to exaltation
  • Use all your daily experiences for spiritual growth
  • Enjoy and make each day worthwhile regardless of any situation
  • Turn emotional and physical trials into spiritual experiences

The seminars will teach you to recognize habits of thinking, called “Thought-Patterns” or “Paradigms” that are keeping you from being Christ-Centered. You will also learn four mind-opening eternal steps of real change. As you learn and apply the concepts, principles, techniques and the method of this program, life will become worthwhile, exciting, enjoyable and your hope to be raised unto Eternal Life will increase. Visit for more info.

Daughters of Light

The Daughters of Light is a group for adolescent girls, ages 12 to 17, who are struggling with finding their voice in the chaotic world around them. Hope, empowerment and the skills to navigate through the trials surrounding them are offered and taught in a 12 week format. [$50 per session]


The W.O.R.T.H group (Women of Rebirth Therapeutic Healing) is a FREE, LDS principles based, therapist led support group for women who seek healing form betrayal trauma caused by a spouse’s sexual addictions and/or sexual misbehaviors. Weekly meetings both online and in person

Mothers Who Know

Mothers Who Know supports women through free education, resources and tools. In order to stand strong in the opposition of our day, we “stay by the tree” by shining light on the tactics used by the adversary to discourage women and threaten families. Specializing in supporting mothers whose son or daughter is dealing with an addiction, self-destructive behaviors, or any issue that requires therapeutic intervention. (Sons/daughters may be participants in the Sons of Helaman/Daughters of Light program, but this is not a requirement). Just as the mothers of the Sons of Helaman in the Book of Mormon, we do not doubt that our Savior Jesus Christ has the power to heal our families and ourselves. Visit Mothers Who Know.


Eternal Warriors

In years past, when Satan was intimidated by one of the up and coming Noble and Great Ones, he would attempt to have the Warrior killed while he was still very young (i.e. Moses, Christ). When Satan is intimidated by one of the Noble and Great Ones reserved to come forth in these, the last days, he attempts to have the Warrior eliminated by derailing him or her with Addictions. We expect that all of today’s youth will be hit with opportunities to participate in behaviors that, without intervention, have the potential of becoming highly problematic. Some of these activities have the potential of becoming addictive. The life goals of a youth can be seriously threatened if an addiction develops. Sadly, we have seen many youth cross many important events (i.e. graduation, missions, college, and temple marriages) off their list of life goals, just because an addiction is getting in their way. We, at Sons of Helaman, are prepared to train these mighty youth to be ready to overpower addictions and fulfill their fore-ordination as Eternal Warriors.

  • Increased Spiritual/Biochemical/Emotional Discernment in order to recognize the more advanced/subtle Satanic Attacks.
  • Endurance to make sure his Heart/Mind/Spirit are strong enough to withstand the persistence of Satanic Attacks.
  • Skills similar to what is used by soldiers, athletes and musicians in order to be prepared for the Speed of Satanic Attacks.

Eternal Warriors: Mentor Training

We will train recommended, dedicated, capable adults (male or female) to become Certified Eternal Warriors Mentors. Mentoring Training will include:

  • Intense Training – One four hour training with licensed professional Maurice W. Harker, LPC
    Mentor Manual
  • Journal – 8 week Eternal Warriors Journal
  • CDs – Audio files of Satanic Spin Lecture
  • Access to Eternal Warriors calendar
  • Book – Like Dragons They Did Fight

Each phase will be led by Sons of Helaman Director, Maurice W. Harker, LPC.
Next Training: Mentor Training is currently on hold. Please call 877-HERO-877 for details.

Eternal Warriors: Student Training

Lose weight! Improve relationships! Improve your spiritual life! This training is for anyone, of any age. No more trouble combating the voices in your head that tempt you and keep you from being the best you can be. With proper training, you can stop behaving outside of your value system. Sign up for one of our several student warrior training programs. These classes are designed to be ongoing. There are eight repeating lessons. Join at any time. $50 Registration fee includes an 8 week journal, book- Like Dragons They Did Fight and CD’s Lectures on Satanic Spin.