SOH Program Summary

Program Summary

The Sons of Helaman is a group of young men who have dedicated themselves to helping each other overcome unwanted pornography and/or masturbation addictions. In a “Knights of the Round Table” environment, they encourage and help their brethren in the fight against this demon that assails them. Led by a certified, licensed professional clinician, they practice and develop the warrior instincts that are required to conquer these addictions for the rest of their lives. They learn the strategies that the adversary will use against them, and are trained how to use the most powerful weapons known to science and spirituality to defeat him. Young men ages 14-28 should be considered for the program. Return missionaries who need extra training are also invited. This program is ideal for helping a young man prepare for his mission and/or temple marriage.

Graduation from the group includes having successfully conquered the addiction for 12 consecutive weeks. By this time the young man has acquired a healthy fear of the power of Satan and a reverent alliance with the power of God. He will have practiced calling upon the power of God to serve himself as well as those he has grown to love. He will have gained a familiarity with the words of the prophets and will discover how they apply to real life. He will have gained an unusual amount of control over his thoughts, feelings, and body chemistry, that will serve him throughout his lifetime.

The young men attending the groups find it to be much more enjoyable (after the initial discomfort ) and much more effective than individual therapy. Parents and Bishops have been pleased with the cost efficiency being about ¼th the cost of individual therapy. When a group has more than 8 members, another group is formed. As one individual graduates, a new member is added. A young man usually stays with the same group from start to finish in order to maintain brotherhood.

Long Distance Participation


We are proud to announce that after working through many kinks, we now offer involvement for those who live beyond our geographical reach. Our best service for those of you who live out of range of our existing groups or are too shy to attend group sessions, is the powerful Text-Coaching. Or text “?” to 801-635-6474 for more details.”




Parents or the Bishop (or the young man himself if he is 18 or older) contact Sons of Helaman headquarters at the number listed below. Headquarters will contact the appropriate group facilitator and set up the initial interview. In the initial interview, the young man and his parents (if they desire) will be trained in the basic information necessary to become successful in the group. The young man will be expected to commit to attending the group every week until he has achieved 12 consecutive perfect weeks. Groups are held at different times and in different locations. We have scheduled the sessions after school hours as not to be disruptive. The current cost of the group is $45 for each 1:45 hour session. The initial training session is only $100.

If finances are a concern, many of the young men are receiving financial assistance from their ward through Fast Offerings. Most Bishops are familiar with and have confidence in our program. If yours is not, please invite him to contact us and get all his questions answered. If the Bishop does decide to use Fast Offerings to help, the young man will be expected to provide service for his ward in exchange for the resources provided. This helps the young man experience responsibility and gratitude.

If you are unsure or have more questions, please read the testimonials below and on our testimonials page. Also, call us at 1-877-HERO-877. We have great desires to help all young men be relieved of these chains.

— Maurice W. Harker, Director




“I give my whole-hearted recommendation to anyone considering enrolling their son in the Sons of Helaman program. My son graduated from the program and is currently serving a mission to Brazil. For four years before entering this program, he had been inactive in the church and in the grip of an addiction to pornography. When he returned to church activity, at first he tried unsuccessfully to rid himself of the problem. He finally decided to join the Sons of Helaman. It has made all the difference. Anyone who knows my son before and after will tell you the night and day difference this approach has made in my son’s outlook on life, his spirituality, and even his personality to some extent.

“It’s as if someone turned on the light. I believe the power of the program is not only from Heavenly Father but in the camaraderie the group inspires amongst the participants. Rare is the person who succeeds breaking free of an addiction without the help of others. These young men share their struggles with each other, inspire each other, and consequently, strengthen themselves in the process.”

— A Proud Sons of Helaman Mother


“For too long Satan held dominion over my life. I suffered much agony and spiritual hell. I felt that there was no hope of ever being able to go on a mission, go to the temple again, or even get married. There is always hope! I know the task is daunting, but it is absolutely worth it! I will never again allow Satan to have power over me.

“The “Sons of Helaman” is a program designed for young men like me. You can rely on the directing clinician and other members of the group, and most importantly you have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on your side. My love for the Savior has grown immensely since I joined the group. I could not have come this far without Him, and I will need His continued help to sustain me throughout my life.

“I look up to every one of my fellow Sons of Helaman. I am proud to fight alongside such valiant men.”

— Jacob – Program Graduate


“I find the Sons of Helaman program to be a remarkably effective treatment for young men struggling with pornography addiction. Maurice Harker has discovered a powerful key – that adolescent & young adult males respond best when they are in a TEAM environment, and as members of a team they often find the courage to confront & overcome these powerful temptations. They learn that they are bigger than the Temptation after all!”

— Larry Lewis, LPC8 – Author of Receive Ye One Another


“As a priesthood leader I have referred members to a number of different mental health professionals. For the past several years I have narrowed the number of those professionals to primarily one: Maurice Harker. His research and understanding of sexual addiction is better than any other therapist I have ever met. His methods and counseling (including the Sons of Helaman youth groups) are superior to any I’ve experienced. His success rates at helping people overcome addiction and transgression have been remarkable. I can’t give a high enough recommendation for Maurice Harker as a counselor and therapist.”

— President Thomas V. Beard – Stake President, Kaysville Crestwood Stake