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Sons of Mosiah & Sisters of Promise

Support & Training for Current Missionaries

The Sons of Mosiah and Sisters of Promise programs are confidential email training and support groups for missionaries currently serving who want extra support and training to fight temptation and overcome unwanted behaviors

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You have come so far and are ready to serve the Lord.

But there may be times as a missionary you need extra support to fight off the adversary and continue the positive forward momentum as you serve!

Support while Serving

In the Sons of Mosiah & Sisters of Promise Programs You Will...

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How does the program work?

  • Receive weekly confidential email training and support from your mentor and others in the group.
  • Learn and utilize necessary tools to achieve and maintain self-mastery (sexual, emotional, physical etc.)  
  • Learn tools to increase your ability to fight mood battles
  • Learn to understand recurring patterns in your brain
  • Focus on powerful connections to spiritual routines
  • Receive training specifically tailored to meet the needs of missionaries in the field.
  • Be encouraged to push yourself and grow stronger in the dedication to be clean and to serve. 
  • Gain increased support and assistance in especially difficult times
  • Serve with full integrity
  • Have crucial ongoing support during your mission

Program Certified Mentors

Dallin Loosli

Dallin Loosli

Dallin has been involved with Life Changing Services in one capacity or another since 2018. Not only is Dallin a graduate of the Sons of Helaman program, he is also a Personal Warrior Trainer and a Men of Moroni Mentor. 

Helping others find the same peace and healing he has found is a key motivator in Dallin’s desire to serve and fight in God’s army. 

Currently, Dallin is in his senior year of a Bachelor’s in Psychology at Eastern Oregon University, and will continue on to receive a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The University of the Southwest. His plan is to be a professional counselor and clinician for Life Changing Services to better lead others on their path of recovery. 

Dallin and his wife, Sadie, live in Oregon and are expecting their first child in November 2022. They enjoy pickleball, Spikeball, cornhole, and KanJam (basically all the yard sports), and are self-identified “board game geeks”. 

Want to get to know Dallin a bit better? Here are a few podcast episodes Dallin has recently been featured on: 

Passion Projects – Recovering You

Recovering Your Power – Recovering You 

The Mentors Assemble (Pt.1)The Mentors Assemble (Pt.2)

Morgan is a returned missionary who gets how hard it can be to feel supported before, during, and after your mission. 

She is passionate about helping missionaries flourish and be in the best place spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to serve the Lord faithfully. 

Morgan graduated from BYU with a degree in Family Studies and a minor in Psychology. 

Along with her education and mission experience, she taught missionaries at the MTC upon the completion of her mission and has really grown to love the missionary program of the church. 

She has undergone thorough training and is certified as a Mentor/Personal Warrior Trainer with Life Changing Services. 

She resides in Arizona with her husband, Phillip, and their son. She enjoys spending time with family, being active, exploring the outdoors, and creating memories with those she loves. Morgan is someone you want on your team!

Additionally, Morgan leads Eternal Warriors groups for preparing and returned missionaries (for both young men and women). 

Program Specifics

Weekly Email Discussions

Investment: $20/wk

One-on-one work with your mentor is also available for an additional fee

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More Detailed Information

Sons of Mosiah

  • Additional bulleted items that are specific to Sons of Mosiah

Sisters of Promise

  • Complete daily “Power of Light” goals to help you stay close to the spirit and develop the self-mastery you are searching for 
  • Engage in a weekly “Transcendence Experience” to help you better connect with God and understand your relationship with Him 
  • Be part of a sisterhood of like-minded missionaries who are working on similar goals and can offer valuable support 
  • Get the support you need to feel in control of your behaviors, thoughts, and relationship with God and yourself 

Does it really work?

What Participants Have Said...

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-- Elder in the Philippines
“another great testimonial
-- Elder in Arizona
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Another testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permission from my Mission President?

Yes, before you get started with the program, we will have you obtain verbal or written permission from your mission president. Most mission presidents are onboard with the program and are happy to have additional resources for struggling missionaries. Morgan and Dallin are happy to send an email or have a phone call with your mission president to share more information or answer any questions.

What will be included in the emails?

The weekly email will include accountability questions for each missionary to follow-up on weekly actions and goals. The questions will also help the missionary analyze any lost battles they had during the week. Morgan and Dallin will respond with support and additional training as needed each week.

How does this work while I am currently serving my mission?

Each week Morgan or Dallin will send an email which the missionaries will respond to on P-Day.

Where can I learn more about the program?

Check out this podcast interview with Morgan and Dallin.

Have Further Questions?

For program specific questions, please contact Dallin or Morgan directly.

You can contact Dallin at 541-733-8533 (call or text) or email

You can reach Morgan at 480-319-2420 (call or text) or email  

Please reach out if you would like more details or if you have an elder or sister who is in need of added support.

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