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Parents, please listen to these 4 Parent Training Recordings which give an overview of the principles taught in Sons of Helaman/Daughters of Light programs. For a more in-depth study of the principles, we encourage you to study Like Dragons Did They Fight or sign up for an Eternal Warriors online class. We also invite mothers to learn more about our parent support group, Mothers Who Know.

Recording 1: War Between Remembering and Forgetting/You are not the enemy. Power Calendar.  

Recording 2: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things/Science Behind Addiction. Neuro Pathways.  

Recording 3: Discernment/ Chemical Scale/Tools for your Personal Arsenal (flag pole, drills, passion project, service, writing, body and physical exercise.) 

Recording 4: Warrior Chemistry/You are the Crusher, Reclaim your Liberty and Power with a Warrior’s Love and Aligning your Battles with Christ.

Parent Orientation Video:  This is a 90 minute video introducing the Sons of Helaman Program with both parents who had sons go through the program and Generals who have graduated from the program.  

The evidence is overwhelming; when parents understand and know how to apply the principles their sons are being trained in the Sons of Helaman program, great things happen:

  • First, we notice it increases the rate at which the warrior becomes a General (graduate) of the program which is not only great for your/your son’s healing, it also benefits you financially. We are always looking for ways to ease the financial strain some families experience in getting treatment for their children.
  • Second, understanding the principles your sons are being taught in group is a great empowering tool for you to prepare and train your younger children or grandchildren to be more successful in the war of sexual self-mastery.
  • Third and maybe most significantly, parents report that applying these principles enhances their own life with increased ability to recognize the adversary’s tactics, a better understanding of the brain’s role in addiction, and peace and confidence in the recovery and healing process.

Please email our parent support group, Mothers Who Know, with any questions.