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Sometimes you cannot hold on to your reasons for fighting for a whole week. You have been with the Sons of Helaman for more than 3 months and you still cannot seem to get more than one or two perfect weeks in a row. You know what you need to do, but it slips through your fingers before the end of the week.

To solve this problem, Sons of Helaman is now offering Personal Coaches. The coach will contact you during the week and walk you through the questions from the Captain’s Log. This will function like a mini-group between group sessions.

If you feel you need this, you (and your parents if you are a minor) will first meet with the coach for a thirty minute consultation. In this meeting you will review progress, patterns, strengths and establish times of contact throughout the week.

Each call will last between ten and fifteen minutes. You will report your progress. You will reconnect with your reasons to fight and receive extra support. You will get kind, yet firm encouragement until you are able to succeed on your own.

Initial intake: $25
Each contact: $5