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Many Young Men, Parents, and Ecclesiastical Leaders have found this program to be very helpful. If you are one of them, please submit your comments here, and after review, we will post them along with the others. Other Young Men, Parents and Ecclesiastical Leaders need to hear from you in order to gain confidence in what Sons of Helaman can do for them. Thank you, Maurice W. Harker, LPC, Director


Dear Brother,

The battle is not over, there is always hope for those who seek.

This letter is written to those currently in the ‘Sons of Helaman’ program and other young men that might join. My name is Chris and I have struggled with pornography and masturbation for most of my teenage life. I have found ways to stop these destructive habits for time periods, but it has always found a new way back to ruin my life. I was never happy with myself and felt depressed most of the time. The reason I continued to relapse and fail was because I didn’t know what, or who, I was fighting. The reality of it is, I am fighting Satan himself—that sniveling jerk of a being who thought he could control my life, but no longer.

The Sons of Helaman is a program that has helped me specifically define what Satan’s tactics are and how to beat them. To graduate the program each Brother needs 12 consecutive weeks of success. I am on my tenth week and I cannot turn back now. This group-oriented program derives its success from the interdependence of each member. I can go into each session with specific questions on how to beat a certain tactic that Satan tries on me. I use the feedback from others who have had similar experiences, and it helps me win the fight. I contribute by giving all of my knowledge to others and it continues to build until we win together.

I thought that there was no hope for me to get my patriarchal blessing, go on a mission, or even get married. But now my hope has returned. I know what I am fighting now and I will not give up. It is because of the never-ending mercy that Jesus Christ has on my behalf. He knows you personally and is willing to fight with you too. Who better to fight with?

First, you have to recognize that you have a problem. Then you must resolve to fight it at all costs (this is likely the most important step). Lastly, gather all you resources so that you can win. I learned most of my tactics from the Sons of Helaman, but don’t stop there. Use your Bishop or other respected adult, your parents, scriptures, protective anger, a little bit of fear, and pray like mad! You are entitled to divine intervention because Christ Himself said, “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick.” Don’t convince yourself that you are not worthy of His help. Don’t get down on yourself, for it is Satan we are fighting. The Lord needs you to help yourself as well as others around you. He needs you in his kingdom and his hands are stretched out still.

I am humbled because of this experience. I have been to the gates of Hell, within the grasp of Satan and his minions, but I have returned stronger and with a greater resolve to control my future. The scars from this battle may never fully heal, but I’m not going to let Satan pull me down again for I am a Son of Helaman!

Fight the good fight Brother and never lose hope.

Yours on the battlefield,



To any and all,

I write to any who will take the time to read this letter. First I would like to say, that this problem is not something that will take hold in your life for good unless you do not have the will to fight it. It is truly a fight, and it will take time, but the rewards you will receive will change your life and the lives of those around you for the best. Through this program and the guidance of your peers, you will discover strength in yourself and faith in the Lord that you did not know you had. This problem isn’t unbeatable, but it takes your own will power and the support of your loved ones to beat it. You will discover, along the way, simple joys in life, what you are truly passionate about, and a whole new side of yourself that was always there, just under the surface. I wish you well, and hope for the best.



Dear Brother,

I don’t know who you are and you don’t know me. But what I do know is that we both face the same struggle. The temptation of watching pornography and masturbation. This has been the greatest challenge I have ever overcome in my life. It’s not easy, and it sure wasn’t pretty, but I will tell you right now it was worth the struggle.

I was addicted to pornography for 5 years from the time I was 13. At first I justified it because I was only ‘curious’ but as time progressed I became hooked and lived in a sense of denial. I would lie to myself and tell me I could quit anytime and I would go periods of time without doing it, but in the end I would be dragged right back down. Then finally something changed, I was given the opportunity to get together with others, with other LDS boys that suffer from the same challenge I did.

When I first joined the program, I thought I that it was going to be full of weirdoes and creeps, but it turned out the kids there were just like me. They all shared the same desire I did, to be rid of that filthy evil habit that Satan so lives us to participate in. Through the course of the classes, I’ve grown so much spiritually and have grown close to every guy in my group. By participating and praying, daily scripture reading, and the desire to serve the Lord, I have finally been able to overcome this challenge. At first it was scary, and felt as if it had no worth, but I promise you right now, it is work every second I have spent.

The Lord Jesus Christ is our Savior. He suffered and died for our sins personally so that we can use the greatest gift of all, the Atonement, to repent and become totally clean and whole. Don’t think that you are ‘too evil’ or have ‘sinned too much’ to be forgiven. The Lord forgives all, so please take this chance to be forgiven and overcome. Through these 12 weeks, I have grown closer to the Lord and have come to understand more that I ever have in my life. Having this burden lifted from my shoulders and receiving the Spirit and strength of the Lord has boosted my life to unbelievable heights. As I approach my mission in a few months, I am so happy I am worthy to serve faithfully and turn in my papers on time.

The gift of creating life is the most sacred responsibility and gift we are given. By watching pornography or masturbating we are making a mockery of God’s eternal plan. It is not an activity we should associate ourselves with, so please, brother, don’t be afraid to stand and say you won’t put up with it anymore. I believe in you, and most importantly so does God and our Savior.

If there is one thing I can say that I would like you to remember is that you are not alone. The Lord is constantly pushing and cheering for you and so am I. So by coming together with others with the same challenge we all pull together and accomplish out goal. Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy, just get out and do. Remember, ‘I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.’ (Philippians 4:13)

I have a strong testimony of the truthfulness of that statement. I also have a testimony of the gift of the Atonement, and last but not least a testimony of the greatness and effectiveness of this program, the Sons of Helaman. I love you brother and so does the Lord.

Your Brother in the Lord,



Dear Brother,

I write to my fellow brothers in the ‘Sons of Helaman’ and to those who might join. My name is Jacob, and I have struggled with pornography and masturbation for several years now. The consequences of these addictions have been tremendous and innumerable. I felt like a failure. I would often then sink into a cycle of depression and relapse. I thought this vicious satanic cycle could never end, but now there is hope!

The ‘Sons of Helaman’ is a program designed for young men like me. All of the members of the group have struggled with these problems and are trying to overcome them. I have ten consecutive weeks of success and I will never turn back. The program focuses on identifying Satan as the source of these addictions. He is a cowardly jerk whose only goal is to make us miserable. We must fight! Much of the group’s success can be attributed to the interdependence of its members. Each week we discuss personal struggles, victories, defeats, etc. We learn from each other and rely on each other. We are very respectful of one another and keep complete confidentiality.

It is not easy to admit to having problems, especially ones like these. Satan is a mighty opponent, but you are capable of overcoming him. It will not be easy, but you must face him in battle. And you don’t have to face him alone! You can rely on the directing clinician and other members of the group, and most importantly you have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on your side. They will fight with you every step of the way; all you have to do is ask. My love for the Savior has grown immensely since I joined this group. I could not have come this far without Him, and I will need His continued help to sustain me throughout my life.

For too long Satan held dominion over my life. I suffered much agony and spiritual hell. I felt that there was no hope of ever being able to go on a mission, go to the temple again, or even get married. There is always hope! I know the task is daunting, but it is absolutely worth it! I will never again allow Satan to have power over me. The blessings that I have received from my perseverance are remarkable. I have received many wounds, on this battlefield, which have caused me great pain; nevertheless, just like the Sons of Helaman from the Book of Mormon who were all wounded, my trials will refine me, and I will grow to be stronger than ever.

I look up to every one of my fellow Sons of Helaman. I am proud to fight alongside such valiant men.

Fight the good fight brother and never give up!

Yours on the battlefield,



Dear Brother,

If you are reading this letter, pardon me for being blunt about it, you have a problem with pornography or masturbation or both. I have the same problem. It is a shame that these problems even exist in this world, but we must accept that fact and start the changes in our lives that will ultimately lead us to salvation. This is a very real war for the souls of mankind, this is a fight that we cannot win by ourselves. Fortunately we have the Lord as our General. The Lord has given us a wonderful weapon for fighting this; a group called ‘The Sons of Helaman’. This is a group full of young men who are fighting in the same war you are. THIS IS NOT THE ADULT GROUP! The main goals of this group are:

To show each young man in the group that they ARE NOT ALONE

To create strong friendship

To create a comfortable, confidential and friendly environment to discuss the problems that we face

To find and learn how to use weapons against the temptations we face

To remove the vices of pornography and masturbation from our lives, FOREVER, so that we may be clean and follow the commandments of God

And finally to be HAPPY AGAIN

The impact that this group has had on my life is amazing. It is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I tried going cold turkey, I tried fighting the problem with just my own will power, and it actually got so bad that I was going to give up and leave my friends and family and run away. Then I got an offer from Maurice to join the group. With the help of the Lord, Maurice, and the other brethren in the group, I am on my way to serving a mission for the Lord.

This group requires a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks, clean weeks. That is not an easy task, but it can be done! This group is not a thing to take lightly, we are serious about fighting this problem. We also have fun, we always have candy and occasionally pizza. This group is not frightening, we are understanding and completely confidential. We are all in this together. We meet on Thursdays at 5:00 PM and usually go till 7:00 PM [check the SCHEDULE page for additional times and locations], but sometimes we get out earlier.

Your bishop is praying for you, your family is praying for you, and I am praying for you too. I hope that you will make the right choice and decide to change your life, it was the best decision that I have ever made!

Best wishes,



Dear Brother,

Hi. My name is Jackson- and I’m in recovery from sexual addiction. If you are reading this, I assume that you are a sexual addict yourself. I know your pain and your slavery to this demon. Whether you are addicted to pornography or masturbation, it doesn’t matter- I have indulged in both.

Anyone who is addicted to these things knows the Hell of guilt, the shadow of confusion, and the anger of your spiritual blockade that results from this problem. Well brother, I am going to give you hope. The Lord is on your side of this titanic war of sexual addiction and has an awesome weapon for you. This weapon is a group called the ‘Sons of Helaman’. This group has young men who are fighting this same battle and have learned that they CAN break the chains of addiction by breaking down the Devil’s tactics, creating your own personal tactics to fight back against this wraith, and to strengthen others in the group. There is a strong bond of brotherhood in the group and we take this war seriously. Sure, we’ll joke and laugh at times, but we all respect each other and respect the battle that the others, as well as yourself, are going through. This group is totally confidential.

To graduate from the group, you must have twelve consecutive weeks being clean in regards to your addiction. It may seem like a daunting task, but it is very possible to achieve, I myself being on my eighth week. Within this addiction, I have gone to the very depths of the Hell that it is and back. If it was possible for me, THEN IT IS FOR YOU!

Before I came to the group I had tried going cold turkey, but this addiction is too powerful to overcome with your own willpower. The Lord is the very key to the victory of this war you fight. The group WILL help you understand how to win, even how to WANT to win. This seems more vivid to me when I remember that there was a time where I didn’t want to live, much less fight back. It has changed my life, and I get down on my knees every night and thank my Savior that this group found me.

I promise to you that if you join this group, you will not regret it! We even have candy and pizza when we have progressed with enough clean days in the week. We meet every Thursday at 5:00-7:00 [check the SCHEDULE page for additional times and locations]. Your Heavenly Father and you Savior love you and are pleading to help you find shelter from this storm! I am praying for you and so many others, including your family, are as well! Have hope brother and do not give in!!!

Fight the good fight,



Dear Brother,

My name is Ben. I have struggled with pornography and masturbation for many years now. About four months ago, I again began a cycle of this evil habit. It became too much for me to handle alone. After a few private sessions with Maurice, I joined the ‘Sons of Helaman’. This is a group of really cool young men who all have the same problem that I (and you too) share. Because of the help I have received from the group, I have been clean for 10 consecutive weeks now (the goal is twelve weeks). This miracle was brought about in my life because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He led me to the group, which has helped me learn to fight against Satan and his demons.

Each week the group gets together (five o’clock on Thursdays [check the SCHEDULE page for additional times and locations]) to discuss our personal battles. We feed off of each other teaching each other how we have learned to fight and win.

I know that as a young man reading this, there is no way that you want to go admit to a bunch of strangers that you struggle with this problem. It is hard to talk about. Luckily, we have created slang that makes it not so uncomfortable. But believe me brother, facing that awkward feeling is the best thing you can do. This group is the reason that I have had such success. I look up to each young man in our group. We are respectful of one another’s struggles and completely confidential. You might feel awkward for a few minutes, but if goes away quickly. We open up to each other and try to answer each other’s questions. You can continue to struggle on your own, or you can join our ranks. The latter is definitely the easier way to go.

Always remember that the Lord is on your side. He will help you no matter what. It is a serious commitment but one that you will not regret. We would love to try to help you win your battles and to add your insights to help us in ours.

Remember that your family is praying for you, as is your Bishop. We too are praying for you and everyone else with this problem, that we may all be able to overcome Satan and his evil vices. The Lord needs you in his kingdom and will grant you as much support as you ask for. We would love to help support you. We like to have fun, but more importantly, we want to save our souls from Satan’s grasp. Fight the Good Fight.

Yours in Battle,



Dear Brother,

Hi, my name is Cameron. For several years I have suffered from the pains that come from masturbation and pornography. It all started small, but in the end turned into a raging inferno that consumed my life, my passions, my peace, my temper, my self-control, and eventually my grades. My life started to slip away and so did my hope of ever beating these addictions. Before I started the Sons of Helaman program, I was sure that even if I was able to beat these addictions I would soon relapse after my mission.

Not anymore! Thanks to the Lord, the Sons of Helaman, my friends, man my family there is hope! If you are feeling the pains of an addiction, whether it be masturbation, pornography, of other problems and sometimes depression, with the Sons of Helaman program and especially the Lord’s help you can break the chains of death and despair, and come into a light brighter that you can imagine in all of your dreams of Heaven. It feels so good to be free! But I am not completely free. I have created a monster with Satan’s help. Now I fight to keep that monster at bay with the Lord’s help. Sometimes the Lord and I fight together, other times through His Grace the battle is His (Exodus 14:14). You cannot destroy Satan without God. Without His power and help I am nothing, with Him I can become everything.

The Sons of Helaman program helped me find the problem. The problem was that Satan was aiding me in my addiction and cheering me on. While learning how to fight Satan I found the ultimate weapons. First was the Lord’s help, second was my will to fight. How can you win in a battle if you become tired and confused? It is very difficult. You need a strong reason to keep going even when you’d rather not, hence your will to fight!

I found out for myself that if I was going to come down to this world, I would come down to this earth to win! Not to get kicked around by Satan like a puppet on a string. I am an Eternal Warrior and I came to win! This feeling of protective anger pulses through me in every battle I win! You must find your will. Your choices are everything in this battle. You must need to win!

Make a border Patrol and use it every day to protect you from Satan’s attacks. Use these guidelines to make a decent border patrol. The quoted are taken from President Monson’s talk on Sunday morning General Conference, October 1, 2006.

‘Fortify your foundation through prayer. Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Saint upon his knees.’

‘Study the Scriptures’ and I have found that Protective Anger lessens Satan’s attacks and builds a strong wall of defense around your city which is you. You may also find these techniques useful in your battle with Satan.

Use ‘Service’ and Passion Projects to show the Lord you are willing to go the distance.

I will keep the fight and will aid you in any way I can. I’m praying for you fellow brother and all those who fight this fight. Keep the good fight and I’ll meet you at Heaven’s gates.

Yours on the battlefield,



Dear Brother,

The Lord loves you and knows your every need. He is always there for you when you call his name. When the trials come he will be there to strengthen and lift you up, but we were not sent to this earth to take a walk in the park. We were sent to be tested to prove ourselves worthy and faithful servants to our Father in Heaven. I am not perfect, no one is, except our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through his infinite Atonement we can become whole again and return to our Heavenly Father.

As in any job, we need tools, experience and strength to get what needs to be done, done right. In my life, I have personally struggled with the addictive powers of pornography and masturbation. They are the most powerful piece of destruction I have ever experienced. They slowly destroyed my life to the point that I did not know who I was and why I was even trying. I found myself alone, lost and afraid. Satan had such a hold of my soul and I could feel his chains around my ankles daily. As I struggled to beat these addictions, I found peace and comfort in the scriptures. Ether 12:27- “And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.” These addictions were my weakness and I knew it. I found myself on my knees quickly. The Lord did not wait to give me the strength I needed . . . the Sons of Helaman.

I had the will power, the experience, the Lord’s help to give me strength, the only thing I lacked was the tools to get the job done. The help that I received from the young men in my class and Maurice helped me more than I have words to describe. I finally realized that I was not the only one that struggled with these addictions. The warrior within was unleashed inside of me and I realized that these problems are not unbeatable, but in reality, under complete control. Satan will always tempt and find new ways to destroy, but if I keep the knowledge I gained from these young men, and the Strippling Warrior within stays alive, I will crush his head.

You are never alone in the battle, this ever raging war. The Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ, are always there for strength and comfort. Stay close to the scriptures and out Father in Heaven and He will protect and guide. May the Lord bless you in your life and may you conquer this battle within.

I promise to be of service to you and allow you to be of service to me until both you and I successfully defeat the demon which assails us!

Your brother in the battle



Dear Brother

I will never meet you. I will never see your face. You don’t owe me money, and what you choose to do with your life is irrelevant to me.

Yet, I write this because you are fighting the same demon that plagues me, and, in my darkest days, once destroyed my life and my hope. I know what haunts you, because I’ve seen, in all its fury and horror and vileness. I know what it can do to you, because it did it to me. And I know what might become of you if you don’t defeat it. It haunts my nightmares, even now that I have escaped its wrath, even after many months of struggle and hard-won close calls. I have seen its ultimate destructive effect too many times on those I love, who also struggle with this and refuse to do anything about it, and the thought of anyone, even you, going through this ordeal brings me much grief. This monster left unchecked, ruins lives.

You know the monster of which I speak. Masturbation. Sexual Impurity. One of the worst of all the addictions.

Some claim it is an addiction that cannot be broken. Every time a man fights it, it just comes back, again and again. Maybe there are some who can beat it, but they just have stronger will power.

It can be defeated, even by you.

Many say that it is part of humanity that just is. Many say that it is foolish to fight it. My own father told me it was a natural part of being a man.

It is not. A man is not made a man by betraying his wife, his children and himself to his loss of control. There is nothing natural about that. There is nothing wholesome or good about that.

It can be overcome, and you can overcome it. But it will not be easy. Pick up your sword, pick up your shield, and learn to use them. That is what the Sons of Helaman is about. It is the training before the war. It teaches you how to swing a sword. It teaches you how to block with a shield. It teaches you the subtle secrets on how to spot your enemy from afar, long before he reaches you. It teaches you to be a true man. One who stands up to his demons, and slays them.

But remember, a warrior trained and well taught cannot defeat his enemy simply by knowing how to do it. He also had to do it.

I once heard a talk given by a general authority, and the general authority said that we all have choice. Satan cannot take that away. We can choose to be whole again. I remember thinking how naive that was. I had no choice, I had no control. Satan had taken it all from me and I was powerless to resist.

I’m not powerless anymore. That day, I choose to believe that general authority, and to fight. Imagine my surprise to discover he was right. I did have a choice. And I made the right one.

Did I beat the demon on my first day? No. Did I fail as I fought? Sometimes. Did Satan’s influence give up and go away? It still hasn’t.

Am I still lost to an addiction that will destroy me forever?


I choose to fight it.

It’p is learning how to fight.

A former soul, now reclaimed



Dear Brothers,

If you are reading this then that means you are struggling with the powerful addictions of either pornography or masturbation or both. I want you to know that you are not the only one fighting in this battle. I have fought and so have all the young men in this group. Though this war may seem impossible to win, and through Satan and his followers are trying to tear you down you must NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! The Lord is always there waiting for you to grasp his hand, it is just up to you whether you want to break free from Satan’s grasp. Satan will use the sneakiest and dirtiest moves in this war and you need certain warrior characteristics to overcome them, and you will need help from others in order to fight his tricks and this strong addiction. That is what the Sons of Helaman group is for and if there is anything that can help you overcome this addiction it is Maurice and this group. Any problems you possibly can face, they can help you through it. You are not alone in this war and there are people everywhere wanting you to succeed and are cheering you on.

If you do not take control of this addiction no while you are younger it will only be harder and harder the longer you wait. Start now and fight for the things you believe in, this is a WAR! And Satan is not to be taken lightly he has greater power than most people realize. But there is always something stronger, if you match your weakness with the Lord’s almighty strength then no matter what comes your way you will overcome it with ease. We go through these trials because the Lord knows just how strong we can become and because he knows that we can overcome them. If all else fails remember that there are people on the other side cheering you on and I hope to see you in the Savior’s Coming.


Your Ever fighting Brother



My Dear Brother,

Right now, you are facing the most important decision of your life. It is a very hard decision, and you will need to make it every day for the rest of your life. It is quite simple really, you must either find your life and lose it, or lose your life and find it.

For the past who-knows-how-long, you have been struggling. You get in arguments with your family members, you never find time to finish your homework, you are losing confidence in ever becoming a Disciple of Christ, your good friends seem to shy away from you, and you feel like you were tricked into your predicament. Now I know you may not have faced all of these struggles, but you will. You might have faced more, and unless you get to the source of all the problems, man, I am scared out of my wits for you.

You might not think so, but I know that the source of these problems is your addiction to masturbation and/or pornography. Not only is this addiction the cause of all your problems, but you think that it can also be a relief from your problems. However, I promise you that the temporary pleasure that comes from participating in these foul activities does not make up for your unhappiness. I can tell you right now, again, that you have to lose your life to find it. You have to get rid of this addiction, as well as all other activities you picked up along the way, that aid this addiction. You have to sacrifice sleep, time with friends, possibly even your favorite TV show. You must purge your life completely, in order to get rid of this addiction. Sound hard? You bet it is, but here comes the good part. . .

My name is Bart, and I was also addicted to masturbation. I faced all these struggles when I was bound. Fortunately, I had a wonderful bishop who cared for my soul. He sent me to a group called the Sons of Helaman. I this group I met others who shared the problem, but also shared the eagerness to overcome. I realized that the person to blame was Satan, and that to overcome, I must wage a war. I had to learn to �border patrol� I had to learn �protective anger� I tell you it was hard, but it was worth it. I found my life. Now that I have been free for 13 weeks, I am a general in the class. I am worthy to go to the Temple again. I find joy in the scriptures that is greater than any joy I have ever experienced. I have a relationship with my Father in Heaven again. All of my struggles are either irrelevant in my new life, or are completely gone. I have lost my life, and in the repenting process, found a life worth living and worth sharing with you.

I will not tell you to join the class. That is not my place. There are some boys in the class who feel pressure to change when they don�t want to, and don�t have the necessary will power to actually get into the battlefield. I don�t want that to happen to you. What I want is for you to feel some of my eagerness and love for you, and take the initiative to lose your life and find it.

P.S. I never could have pulled through without the support of my fellow brethren. This letter could have been 10 pages long with all the things I learned from class. I urge you to take advantage of this wonderful guiding light that is available. Be brave. Be smart. I�ll see you on the battlefield.

-your brother,


Dear Brother,

I am writing this letter specifically for you to show you how much I care and that you are not alone. I have also struggled with masturbation but oddly enough, I never had a problem with pornography, but I was heavily addicted to masturbation. I am still fighting against this even though I�ve gone without for twelve weeks and graduated. It doesn�t get any easier but it is very much worth it.

Masturbation consumed me for five years to the point where I thought I had no control over it, I gave up and let Satan suck me dry of all the good things in my life. I never felt happy during those years, there may have been moments where I felt a glimpse of hope but it came and left quickly. You are not the only one that has felt this pain, a pain so deep and an addiction so hard to break that you maybe have lied and said you are worthy to go to the Temple or get your recommend but maybe you haven�t.

It is not good to keep secrets, there is no such thing as �sinning in secret� so that God will not see. I fell for this trick hard and actually believed that God could not see me or that he wasn�t even there. But now I know he is constantly on the watch he knows your heart and if you want to quit he will help you, help you find the way to happiness I have found that brother and I know it is worth it, to beat this awful monster and never return to it again.

Do not let Satan tread on you, shake the depths of hell with your rage and become one of the soldiers in God�s powerful army. Be angry with Satan and show him no mercy for he has shown you none. Break these chains so you can serve a mission and be worthy to go to the temple and most important live with God again. Our Heavenly Father will do anything to get you back, he loves you like you would never believe, when you start to succeed and rely on him you will start to feel his love and gain spiritual help. Do not fight his alone, I tried, and I�m sure you have. Trust me, it doesn�t work.

Satan might also tell you to not say everything during confession and they you can get away with it if you tell your bishop or counselor or anybody only part of the story. You cannot escape it, tell them everything. God knows all and will not miss anything in your life and he loves you and wants you to be clean. Be the man that shakes hell and evil will fear you and most of all run from sin, do not play with it and think “I�ll repent later.” The time is now my brother, be strong and do what you have to to defeat this demon that assails you.

Your Brother on the Battlefield,



You are probably reading this because you are battling with masturbation and pornography, please continue reading.

Hi, my name is Anthony, I have battled with Mr. M and Mr. P since I was about twelve years old. I have felt the pain and anguish of living sin. I tried to stop multiple times. It seems that every week was going to be the last time. But it never stopped. I never ended; I could never completely rid myself of this addiction.

This all changed a few months ago when, after a string of losses, my Bishop told me that I needed to get help or I wouldn�t have the blessings of the Spirit. Pretty strong counsel. So, I obeyed and found my way to the Sons of Helaman program.

This program is freaking awesome. I have now been clean for about 14 weeks. This is a span of time that I�ve never been able to enjoy in cleanliness for the last four and a half years. In this program, you learn the techniques that will guarantee victory over Satan. It gives you a week-to-week go and you share that goal with your fellow warriors. It�s so amazing to know that you are not alone in the fight. You never have to be alone. There are always opportunities and people who share your burden and who you can gain victory with. Once you join, you have an army of warriors at your back. Your allies increase, now you have Christ, the Bishop, and a great group of guys helping you to achieve victory. Your arsenal of weapons increases ten-fold. You learn very specifically how to win every day for the rest of your life. You learn how to be a real man, how to conquer your addictions and stand up for yourself and future generations.

Break free from the chains of immorality; break free from giving in to weakness. Go to the light and realize the joy of living a clean and worthy life. The feeling of cleanliness is the greatest that can be felt on this Earth, to know that you can win empowers you to good and to keep fighting and to never, ever give up.

Yours in the Fight,



Dear Brother,

I don�t know if you have realized yet that you are in a fight for your life. You are probably reading this because you have been talking to your bishop about problems with masturbation or pornography or both. The sooner you realize that this is a life or death fight, the better.

I have been fighting for the last nine years. There have been breaks in the fighting, like the year before my mission and the two years while I served, but the rest of those six years have been pretty miserable. Before I attended the Sons of Helaman, I wasn�t really aware that this was a battle I could win. I figured I would go through the rest of my life constantly having to battle my addiction. I even felt that on my mission, hints of the old life were always there, and it took a lot of energy to keep back old habits. Sure enough, familiar demons were there to greet me upon returning home.

I was pretty shocked that a returned missionary still had to deal with this stuff. I told myself over and over again �I was over this, I am over this.� I quickly went to see the Bishop and we talked for a good two months before I decided to get some professional help. I was embarrassed and proud, I was positive that with a little more time and effort, I would be able to beat this on my own with the Lord�s help.

I was scared about my first meeting with the Sons of Helaman. I didn�t feel like I would be able to talk about my problems with a group of other guys. After leaving the first day, I realized that the Sons of Helaman was the help that the Lord was trying to send me. I don�t think I realized that fighting this addiction is an actual war, and I wasn�t as powerless against it as I thought I was. Through talking with my brothers I learned (and am still learning) about what Satan tries on me to get me to fail. Just as importantly, I learned what I can do to defeat Satan, not just get him to go away for a little while.

The choice is up to you. I wouldn�t recommend coming to Sons of Helaman, or any other counseling for that matter, until you are ready to come. Just realize that there is a voice inside you that will tell you: �You don�t need it.�, or, �You won�t be able to defeat this, it�s part of who you are.�, or my personal favorite. �Groups and counseling are for people with big problems, there will just be a lot of weirdoes there.� This isn�t the real you talking, these are lies authored by Satan. The truth is you do have a big problem; the lie is that you are and always will be some kind of sicko that can�t change. You are not like this by nature. You just need to learn how to fight and win.

I don�t write you this to recruit you or tell you that this is the only way to overcome this demon. I wrote this to let you know that there are many good young men, like yourself, who are fighting too. There is victory for you. Sons of Helaman helped me tremendously in my fight; I hope you will give this some serious thought and prayer.

Your Brother in Arms,



Dear My Brothers,

I like many of you who will be reading this, have been plagued by the powers of Satan. For years the pain and discouragement from the use of pornography and masturbation have destroyed my life like a slow cancer. I am proud to tell you today I am a survivor. I know this is something that I will have to face the rest of my life, but I have learned and practiced so many tactics so that when Satan lurks, I can shove my fist down his throat.

I owe a lot of my success to the Sons of Helaman program and my family, but most of all to my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Without my Savior I know there is no way I would even stand a chance against the dark side. His strength and comfort have gotten me through this troublesome time in my life and I know that only through Him will I be able to continue in this great war.

Never give up my friends. As yourself every day, �Why am I fighting?� And if you are anything like me there will be days you aren�t even sure what the answer is. If this is the case I beg you to drop to your knees and seek guidance. There is so much to fight for, so much to live for. Never give up! Never!

I am by no means perfect, in fact I have so much more to figure out. But one thing I know for certain is that I am an Eternal Warrior against the evils of pornography and masturbation. I will not let up and I will not back down. I implore you to be the same.

Good luck and as the wise man Red Green once put it, �I�m pulling for you, we�re all in this together.�




Dear Brothers, I write this testimonial for your benefit in fighting against masterbation and pornography. As I relfect the whole year I spent in doing Mr. M and Mr. P, and the time of healing in the 12 weeks of the Sons of Helaman program, I ponder on what to say from my experiences and what will come in handy for you. It all began when I was bored and decided to just do something random on the computer at my school. What I did started my downward spiral into Mr. M and Mr. P. I can fully say in confidence that staying active in the Gospel can prevent such ignorant actions pertaining to “being bored.” I hated living my secret second life, and even tried to overcome it by myself, but this was only a mist by Satan to blind me to who I really should have depended on. At first, I was this way for around 2 or 3 months before admitting it, but I made the stupid mistake of pretending to have repented and staying addicted to Mr. M and Mr. P. I thought that there was no hope, until I went to a New Year’s devotional, where, by undeniable influence of the Holy Ghost, the speaker exhorted us that if any were in trouble, to seek help now. I was able to follow that counsel in full strength and confess to my bishop the very next day of my problems. Less then a week after, my parents were able to get help by connection to LDS Family Services to meet with the local Sons of Helaman group leader. This was the greatest thing to ever help me in ridding myself of Mr. M and Mr. P forever. Through sincere prayer, painful repentence, and uplifting help and care from my fellow SoH peers and leader, I was able to proudly wear the “Son of Helaman” ring. I admit that it was not easy in overcoming an addiction that had hard wired my body into a sinful routine, but I have understood that “in the strength of the Lord, I can do all things.” For the Lord has said, “Is there anything too hard for Me?” I testify to you, Brother, that the Lord CAN help you, and He will always be there to guide you and uplift you; He is the Eternal Physician, the Great Mediator, who took upon Himself all of our pains and sufferings. He DOES understand what you are going through: I know it, I know it, I KNOW IT!!! As you participate in the Sons of Helaman, I implore you to study the scriptures, continue to humbly accept counsel and help from your group leader, your parents, and your bishop; they are there to help you succeed, adn feel the healing effects of the Sons Atoning Sacrifice. I also implore you to avoid or put away anything that might impeed your success, whether it be TV programs, video games, books, or any other form of entertainment that is questionable or not “virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy.” Good luck Brother, you will be in my prayers. Continue in the faith and you WILL be blessed. Your loving Brother, Timothy


One of the greatest difficulties I have had to face in my life has been my addiction to pornography and masturbation. I met a few times to my bishop, who was helpful, but still, nothing got better. My parents eventually found out how bad my addiction was when they saw the phone bill for internet use. A therapist my family was seeing at the time told me about the Sons of Helaman, a place where valiant young men can get together and discuss battle strategies for fighting this addiction. A place where you can find fellowship in one of the most difficult challenges you can face. Maurice Harker was inspired when he developed this program. It has helped more than me; it has helped my family and my associates, because I am better able to understand myself and how to control my body. My spirituality has grown beyond anything I could have imagined. If you have any doubts, please talk to your bishop.


Dear Brother,

There is hope! Whether your war with pornography and masturbation have only been going on a short while, or whether, like me, you don’t remember a time in you life that it wasn’t there, there is hope! There really is!

My name is Asher. My addictions started around the age of 8 or 9, though I was introduced to, and was familiar with the slime and filth about as far back as I can remember. A couple of years into my addiction, I began to realize how my life had been taken over. I had never been taught about pornography, never told how it could destroy one’s life, or the life of someone you haven’t yet even met, but would one day love more than life itself. For me, it got to a point where I couldn’t fight my addictions anymore. I had tried everything that I knew there was to try, but in the end, I couldn’t ever seem to win. I counseled with my bishops, therapists, tried sexaholics anonymous groups and similar programs, read every talk ever given about pornography, but in the end, nothing helped. My addictions led to actual clinical anxiety and depression so great that meds couldn’t cure me from the depressive and addictive cycle from always loosing the battle and giving in to my addictions, that I couldn’t take it any more. I decided that I would just let my addictions control me, after all, it was only my salvation. I would only hurt myself. Then she came into my life, and I realized that it wasn’t just me that I was hurting. I didn’t let her into my life easily. I knew what was happening in my life with my addictions, and didn’t want to hurt anyone else, so I removed myself from all social circles, so that no one would be hurt from me. I had tried to share my burden with many friends in the past, looking for help and support, but every friend I told seemed to disappear from my life with in a week or so of my telling them and asking for help. It seemed I was alone, so very alone. Then, almost unwillingly on my part, she came into my life, and over time I began to love her. I was so lost that I didn’t love myself in the least, I didn’t care, but I couldn’t help but to love her, and somehow, she began to love me. I realized then, that the addictions that were controlling my life, weren’t just hurting me. I didn’t know what I needed to do to overcome, or if at that point if I even could.

That’s when the Sons of Helaman program changed my life forever, and now that woman is my wife, and we are now worthily sealed together for time and all eternity in the house of the Lord.

The war is not over brother, and you are not alone. There are those out there that will not disappear, but will help you to the end. You can take your life back from Satan. It is possible. Christ is on your side, our side, and together, we can break those seemingly unbreakable chains of hell which Satan has bound us with. Christ is standing at the door waiting to be let in so that He can come to our aid, and in the end, He will make up for all our short comings, if we do our part, and together, we can and will prevail.

This program, and the brotherhood that is formed there is the strength in the fight that I needed to beat Satan and take control of my own life. It has given me the support and strategies that I need to do my part the best that I can, and it has made all the difference; not only for my life, but for the lives of my wife and our future children who will be a family for all eternity.

Never give up brother! There is hope! The joy that comes from our Savior’s Eternal Plan of Happiness is the greatest joy that there is. Seek it out, and you and your future family will be eternally grateful.

Yours always in the war,



Ether 12: 27
27. And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

There is a battle to be fought, that we cannot see. These enemies come everyday sometimes stronger then the next. The battle I am talking about is the daily battle with Pornography and Masturbation. There are times when we feel that it is hopeless, or why me? But I write this and tell you as one who has come off the battle field victorious, and to let you know that there is hope. I had struggled with these addictions for 8 years, it totally controlled my life. I was ashamed of who I was and felt like there was no way out. Until one day my bishop recommended the Sons of Helaman program, I was pretty nervous and didn’t really want to go. Mostly because I was embarrassed and ashamed, I thought that who ever ran this group or who was in it would look down upon me. But deep down I knew that this was an answer to my prayers, that finally the Lord had inspired some program that would help me overcome these addictions.

In going to this group I have learned a lot about myself, and that I am not alone that there are others that go through the same things I have. It has also built me up spiritually; I have found what real joy is, and what it feels like to be clean again. This group teaches very valuable skills, like noticing who the enemy is as well as when he is attacking you. Before this group I never really thought of Satan as the one who was causing this. I knew he existed, but didn’t know that these desires or feelings were him and his angels doing. The Sons of Helaman really has helped me be able to detect the sensations that Satan makes us think and feel are most enticing, but through the skills that I have learned I am now able to detect them ahead of time and destroy them.

One of the greatest things about this group is that you meet as a ‘group’ which you will come to find out, that you aren’t the only one that has this problem as well as the same temptations. I have made a lot of good friends in this group; each one has touched my life in one way or another. They have all helped me and really have made me feel like I am not the only one who deals with these issues. I think that the thing that has impacted my life the most is what we call ‘Border Patrol’. Border Patrol is where you do some sort of spiritual activity such as reading the scriptures, playing hymns, or reading any other prophetic material, something that will up lift and edify you, as well as get you intense.
Before I came to group I never really read my scriptures or even really said my prayers on a daily basis. I have come from reading one verse to making my study an all day activity. But the thing that it has done for me is helped me come closer to my savior.

These are just a couple of skills that I have learned from group. There are so many more that I have learned from this program as well as from myself by going to this group. This group has really sparked my testimony and has helped me find out who I really am, as well as that I can’t beat this without the Savior and his Atonement. This is the greatest thing that the group has helped me find, is that I am a Son of God and through using the valuable skills that I have learned in group and by putting my whole trust in the Lord, I can and have overcame these dreadful addictions that have been in my life for so many years. This group will help you find and realize your weaknesses and make them strengths. But the only way we can do that is by being humble and putting our whole trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would just like to bear my testimony that The Sons of Helaman group works, that this is truly an inspired group to help not only me, but all of the brethren out in the world who are struggling with these awful temptations. I know that the skills that I have learned in here are effective and that they will continue to be for the rest of my life. I love this program; it has really been an answer to my prayers. It has truly changed my life and has prepared me to be a better man. I know that God lives and that he sent his only son Jesus Christ. I know that through Jesus Christ and his Atonement we can and will overcome anything that Satan will tempt us with. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.