Debra Smith

Debra Smith, LCMHC



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Debra Smith, LCMHC

Debra is a clinical mental health therapist who specializes in individual and couples counseling. Among her areas of interest are helping those who are experiencing betrayal trauma due to a spouse’s sexual addiction or sexual misbehaviors.

She also strengthens those who are struggling with sexual addictions in a non-shaming approach. Helping adults who were molested as children are also among her emphasis of practice.

Debra has more than ten years of experience in counseling others in addition to many years of life experiences that increase her empathy and understanding of the difficulties experienced by others. She knows that healing, growth and peace are possible.

Debra’s therapeutic approach is to provide support and counseling to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She teaches her clients how to set and maintain healthy boundaries which helps clients to create safety for themselves.

Debra is committed to assisting each individual build on their existing strengths to live their best possible life.