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Kaylee Heath, LMHC-I

Kaylee graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and is currently an intern as a Mental Health Counselor, receiving her Master’s Degree of Arts in Mental Health Counseling.
Kaylee works primarily from the fundamental belief that all people are good, and that every person seeking help through counseling services is brave in their vulnerability. We each seek connection, belonging, and security as human beings. Reaching out when experiencing barriers to living the life we desire is often a challenging and rewarding step.
Her promise to each of her clients is to meet them exactly where they are, to honor their stories, to validate their past and present trauma, to provide unconditional positive regard to their behavior and thoughts, to help them process their challenges through reflective listening, empathy, reframing thoughts, and exploring emotions, and most importantly, to provide for them a safe place to do life’s most important work of reconnecting to self and others.
Kaylee works primarily as an humanist therapist with a feminist lens, trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and betrayal trauma.
For more information, a free consultation, or to schedule an individual session (if you live in Washington), reach out to Kaylee at 509-378-2480, or kayleebrooksheath@gmail.com.