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Layne Hilton, CMHC

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Layne Hilton, CMHC

Layne Hilton completed his Bachelor’s degree in psychology through Weber State University  and is currently a third year psychology intern from the University of Utah. He will be completing his licensure as a CMHC in the spring of 2019 while working for Life Changing Services.

Layne has extensive work in helping others, his career began as a counselor for juvenile sex offenders at Salt Lake Detention Center, after which he became a firefighter. Over the past 24 years in this capacity, Layne has had the opportunity to serve as a paramedic, police officer/SWAT paramedic, Hazardous Materials Technician and as a Captain.

While doing this, Layne also worked concurrently as a school teacher/counselor at a private school in Salt Lake City. Layne has also served as a martial arts instructor, boxing coach and a Muay Thai instructor. Currently Layne’s passion is spending time with his family, and playing bagpipes for the Utah Firefighters Emerald Society.

“I have a strong belief in the importance of Warrior Chemistry and its importance, not just in overcoming addiction, but throughout a person’s life. The services and programs offered through Life Changing Services provide a unique experience in offering self-management and control and provide skills to make you victorious in ANY battle you might face!”