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Michael Evan Blair, MS/LMFT/TCT/Trauma Specialist

Sons of Helaman

Utah, Online

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Michael Evan Blair, MS/LMFT/TCT/Trauma Specialist

Michael Evan Blair is totally tuned to the teenage lifestyle and has successfully worked and played with this group from scout leadership days in the mountains and on the lakes and at the Maverick and the movies and in heart to heart coaching and counseling for many years.

I am kind of the grandpa coach dude and we usually have fun and learn practical tools and knowledge to get to the difference that makes the difference at many levels. Just for the record I do have a mug shot, have never been incarcerated, have one wife of 47 years, enjoy 8 children and 22 grandchildren, love to fish and ATV ride and shoot hoops and watch games when sports games seem to matter, and I am a Christ believer and proud to be a Mormon.

Sons of Helaman is the best program for troubled teens available and so I am determined to join the troops and be part of winning the war happening to all of us. We will learn, laugh, cry and grow into victorious and productive Warriors!

Video conference coaching or counseling available anywhere in the world.

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Email: blaircounseling@gmail.com
Phone: 435-703-0756