Staci Rock Somes

Staci Rock Somes, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Idaho, Online

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Phone Number: 360-499-1115


Staci Rock Somes, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I’m Staci, and I’m glad you found me. I bet you never envisioned yourself in this place. I know I never did. I never thought I would be the wife of an addict. I never thought my husband would be unfaithful. I never thought words like pornography addiction, sex addiction, gaslighting, abuse, and trauma would become part of my story.

I’m sure you feel overwhelmed and isolated, but I want you to know something very important: you are not alone. You will find hope and healing when you focus energy on YOU. 

It is incredibly brave of you to reach out, become vulnerable and ask for guidance. I would be honored to help you navigate your journey towards healing.

In addition to my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I’ve spent countless hours studying betrayal trauma, coaching betrayed women, and leading support groups. My clients include women looking to reconcile, others contemplating divorce, and those experiencing the aftermath of divorce. Whichever path you are on, I’d love to walk with you, support you, and help you reclaim safety and peace.