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Farmington, UT

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Worth Group therapists teach and tie therapeutic tools such as self-care, boundaries, and honoring emotions to LDS principles and modern day revelations through guided discussion support groups. This is where women derive emotional and spiritual strength as they share joys and sorrows, and support each other in their healing journey. Some of the principles taught and emphasized include:

  • Reliance upon the arm of God, rather than the arm of flesh
  • Applying the atonement for personal healing
  • Finding joy, healing, and inspiration through personal scripture study & prayers
  • How to recognize, prepare for, fight, and win against Satanic attacks
  • Recognizing personal healing as distinctive and separate from a husband’s recovery path
  • Creating safety through healthy boundaries
  • Self care – importance of taking care of self physically, spiritually, and emotionally each day
  • The art of honoring emotions with dignity, elegance, and grace
  • Identification and utilization of grieving as a natural part of healing
  • Identifying cycling, and unhealthy or unsafe situations
  • Planning for difficult or potentially painful interactions
  • Resurrecting a marriage from the dead
  • Pioneer Woman Mode